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Brazil Pantanal: Economy Package South Pantanal 4 days / 3 nights

On this trip you will visit one of the largest inland wetlands in the world, the Pantanal. The wetland area is a nature reserve full of many different types of species which offer an impressive flora and fauna as well as numerous rivers and freshwater lakes. On this tour you will stay in the charming Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua. From there you will go on excursions by jeep, by boat, on foot and on horseback, we will have the opportunity to explore this unique environment while seeing a variety of animals, including many different types of birds. If we are lucky we will see caimans, monkeys, anteaters, tapirs, etc. Jaguars may be spotted between the months of July and October if you are very lucky.

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Day 1: Campo Grande – Arrival

Once you arrive in Campo Grande you will be picked up by one of our drivers and driven approx. 200 km to the Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua. The journey there you will drive through the southern part of the Pantanal and it will take about 2.5 hours. The charming ranch is run by a Swiss woman and is about 700 hectares. Thanks to a sustainable regulation of business there is rich fauna und flora. The guests are able to enjoy a swimming pool and a nice garden with a lake to go on walks and relax. Shortly before the sunset we will go on a little hike to an observation tour and get an idea of how large the Pantanal really is. (depending on arrival time).

Which animals can one see on the ranch and in the local area? Most likely: Capybaras, caimans, large anteaters, howler and capuchin monkeys, toucans, macaws, parrots and other birds. If you are lucky: Armadillos, deers, foxes, snakes, red-footed tortoise, wild boars and agouti.

Accommodation: Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua | Meals included: Dinner


Day 2: Excursion on the Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua

After breakfast we will go on a horseback ride, where you will get to know the area of the ranch better and also have the possibility to see some animals. After lunch the adventure continues by bike or on foot to continue looking for animal in the nature. After dinner we will once again go on an excursion, this time a night excursion to look for nocturnal animals. Here there will be a good chance to see anteaters or tapirs.

Accommodation: Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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Day 3: Day Trip to Estrada Park

In the morning we will head to the Estrada Parque(park). On the way there the guides are prepared to make some photo stops. In the park you will go on a Jeep safari as well as a hike. Lunch will also be eaten while in the park. The probability of seeing Caiman nearby is pretty likely, as well as howler monkeys doing gymnastic exercises in the trees and you might also see capybaras grazing the riverbanks. Between July and October, if you are very lucky you might even see a jaguar. Later we will go back to the ranch and have dinner.

Which animals can you find in the Estrada Parque? Very high chance: Many caiman, howler monkeys, birds such as macaws, heron and birds of prey. High chance: Large otters and armadillos. With some luck: Marsh deer and coatis. With a lot of luck: Anacondas, Jaguars (Between July and October) and Tapirs

Accommodation: Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Pantanal / Continuation Trip

After breakfast there is a planned excursion to the Miranda/Salobra River. Here you will go on a boat tour and hopefully see a lot of animals on the river banks. Whoever wants can also try to fish for piranhas. Around 12:00 it will be time for lunch and afterwards you’ll head back to the Campo Grande airport. (For earlier flight times, the excursion and meals will be omitted)

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch




3 Nights at the Pantanal Ranch Meia Lua
Full board as written
All transfers and excursions as described
All excursions with and English-speaking guide

Further Information

Drinks and optional activities are not included in the price
Other Pousada guests might also join in on the excursions, this is however not always the case

Important: The itinerary can change depending on the weather, the security of the guests or because of program changes necessary depending on the pousada. Bring insect repellent, sunglasses, hat or cap, flashlight, comfortable clothes, a small backpack for excursions, sneakers, sandals, swimming gear and a raincoat. Avoid black clothing because they attract mosquitos. For animal watching we recommend camouflage. Between June-August it can get a bit cold. Please bring an additional fleece or pullover.