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Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis: Discovery and Adventure Tour South Brazil

13 days - Adventure travel - Brazil, Santa Catarina, Florianopolis.

Hiking and camping in the Atlantic Rain Forest, middle class rafting tour, bike tour and canyoning, riding at the beach and in the dunes, wild water kayak expeditions, sand boarding and hiking in the dunes, boat trip on the lagoon, paradisiacal nature, beautiful beaches, cozy accommodations, small groups, English speaking guides.

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Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis:

Multi active journey Brazil, sleeper Brazil, adventure journey Brazil, rafting, wild water kayak, adventure travel Brazil, hiking in the Atlantic Rain Forest, camping in the rain forest, riding at the beach, sand boarding in the dunes, group journey Brazil, Adventure travel Brazil


Discovery and Adventure Tour South Brazil

13 days multi active journey - Adventure travel - Brazil, Santa Catarina, Florianopolis.

Hiking and camping in the Atlantic Rain Forest, middle class rafting tour, bike tour and canyoning, riding at the beach and in the dunes, wild water kayak expeditions, sand boarding and hiking in the dunes, boat trip on the lagoon, paradisiacal nature, beautiful beaches, cozy accommodations, small groups, English speaking guides.


In combination with familiar whereabouts at a still unknown place in the south of Brazil - Estaleiro, a small community with about 600 inhabitants, an empty beach in a lush valley, after that in Lagoa da Conceição being the most famous location of the magical island Florianopolis - we are promising an unique and unforgettable vacation. This tour has been created by us in a way that you will be able to experience this country really intensive and in front of your eyes in a small group. The connectedness to nature will be emphasized thereby. We will show you places not to be seen by a "common tourist". During that journey you will experience nature, landscapes and the Atlantic Rain Forest in manifold ways and from different perspectives.


Highlights of the itinerary:

  • Hiking and camping in the Atlantic Rain Forest
  • Middle class rafting tour Bike tour and canyoning
  • Riding at the beach and in the dunes
  • Wild water kayak expeditions
  • Sand boarding and hiking in dunes
  • Boat trip on the lagoon
  • Paradisiacal nature
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Cozy accommodations
  • Small groups
  • English speaking guides




1st day: Welcome to paradise

Your guide will expect you already at the demanded airport at Florianopolis. The drive from the airport to Estaleiro takes approximately one hour and after arriving at Estaleiro you will be welcomed by the Brazilian national drink  a freshly prepared Caipirinha. The afternoon offers the opportunity to recover from the long flight, to rest at a sunbath and to refresh in the sea! In the evening we will organize a Ãhurrasco which is a typical Brazilian barbeque at which participants and guides will get to know each other and exchange experiences in a snug atmosphere. Overnight stays in chalets or apartments in Estaleiro. (B/D) 


2nd and 3rd day: Trekking in the rain forest - camping incl. romance of a campfire

After having breakfast together we will sally into the interior. We will pass rice fields and orchards in the Atlantic Rain Forest before setting up our camp at a river bank. After that we will have a hiking trip over several hours where the guide will explain about the flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rain Forest. Our hiking will lead us to a beautiful river and at the end of our hike we will swim in a natural pool and under a waterfall in the middle of the rain forest! Our meal in the evening will come directly from our camp fire. We will enjoy a romantic night in our tents under the sounds of the rain forest. The next morning will start with a breakfast close to the river bank and you will have the opportunity for a short hike or for relaxation while swimming in the river. We will head back to Estaleiro around noon. (B/P/D/B/D)


4th day: beach at free disposal

Enjoy the beach right up the front door, go swimming in the sea or bathing in the sun, dangle in a hammock or go shopping in Baln. Camboriú - the day will be at your free disposal, there will be plenty of adventures during the next days... (B/D)


5th day: Rafting tour on the Itajaí-Açu

Today our next adventure will occur - we will stop at the rafting station and will do a rafting tour on the beautiful river Itajaí-Açu. With helmet, paddle and the necessary team spirit we will challenge the rough water of that river during our 2.5 hrs. middle class rafting through magnificent nature. Late afternoon or early evening we will come to "Bella Pousada" in the mountain village Dr. Pedrinho where we will join for dinner. (B/D)


6th day: Bike tour and canyoning

After breakfast a Jeep or truck will bring us to the plateau between Doutor Pedrinho and Santa Maria  us and our bike with which we will head on to a small mountain community called Estradinha while having great views into the valleys with their forests below us. Just after that community we will leave our bikes and the vehicle at the wayside in order to go for canyoning in the Rio Bravo by feet. That small virgin forest river is ideal for canyoning rookies. Our adventure will start with a 7m and a 3m jump into the water. The further course will consist of hiking in the river bed of a beautiful canyon totally embedded in virgin forest. At the end we will swim in a cave-lake fed by a waterfall. An absolute worry-free adventure without significant dangers. In bad or cold weather conditions as an alternative we can rappel at the Gruta Santo Antônio which means a 36m negative descent starting from a huge rock spur. After a picnic we will go back the same way by bike or drive by car through the valley of Santa Maria back to Doutor Pedrinho  depending on the daylight. Dinner and overnight will be at "Bella Pousada" again. (B/D)


  7th day: Return journey to Estaleiro

We will drive back to "our beach" at Estaleiro after breakfast in order to relax and refresh from the last adventures. (B/D)


 8th day: ...to the magical island Florianopolis

Then we will leave from the small fishing village Estaleiro and go on to the magical island of Florianopolis. The following days we will be accommodated in the most famous place on the whole island  in Lagoa da Conceição which is a small but lively district of Florianopolis and is situated in the middle of the beautiful Ilha de Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. The district of Lagoa da Conceição combines beaches, dunes, mountains and the largest lake of the island and is located about 14km from the centre of the town. Due to its variety Lagoa da Conceição has become the most popular place of Florianopolis and it is the host for international surfing and kiting events.

Lagoa is a meeting point and offers extraordinary touristic infrastructure with lots of bars, cafés, shops and cultural facilities. The restaurants provide regional fish specialties . Lagoa da Conceição is a starting point to head off to the numerous beaches of the island. Praia Mole and Praia da Joaquina being famous surf beaches are easily reachable and are situated a 5 minutes car drive from the centre of the town. The other beaches and the town centre of Florianopolis, including the crossing from the island to the mainland, also easily reachable.

Lagoa da Conceição provides boat and trekking trips to explore the breath-taking flora and fauna of the island as well. Bem Vindo at "Lagoa" -  experience the ILHA DA MAGIA -  the magical island. Overnight stay in a cozy pousada. (B)


  9th day: Hiking, sand boarding and riding in the dunes an at the beach

Three highlights in one day -  first we will do a hike through the beautiful dune landscape while passing small lakes and the biggest dune at Joaquina. There we will have the opportunity to discover our physical strengths at sand boarding. After that we will go to the beach at Barra da Lagoa where we will eat luscious fresh sea fruits and fish. In the afternoon we will ride through the dunes and at the endless beach Mocambique on tranquil horses -  an unforgettable day! (B)


10th day: at free disposal

This day is free and up to you to explore. There are public buses that go to many of the nearby beaches, i.e. the surf beaches of Joaquina or Praia Mole. (B)


  11th day: Wild water kayak expedition

Today another highlight of our journey is scheduled. Our drive will bring us to the border of the national park Tabuleira, to the rafting station Aristeu. After a bright "Bem vindo" and equipped with helmet and swimming vest we will be driven to the river by van where our kayak expedition begins: In every kayak there will be one participant and his/her personal guide. Along the first kilometer of calmer waters we will get used to paddle techniques and commands. The river gradually stretches away from civilization and soon the last houses are left behind. The mountains of Serra do Tabuleiro dominate the landscape as the river cuts its way through an untouched gorge in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest. The wild water course will be more and more demanding; small falls and technical torrent courses of classes II and III are alternating with short quiet sections where the clear water is inviting for swimming. We become part of the landscape like privileged explorers of this paradise - water, rock and virgin forest - wild and untouched. After countless wild water tracks we will come to the highlight of the expedition: The river constricts and forms two impassable waterfalls of class VI. At that point we will get out of the boats and will carry them to a rock spur where the brave (participation facultative) ones can jump into a bay from a height of 5m. Afterwards we will have a break and picnic on a rock shelf in front of the waterfall and rain forest scenery. After 4 to 5 hours in wild water rafting, our expedition ends at the rafting station - an unforgettable experience! (B)


12th day: Boat trip to the "pearls of the lagoon"

At the end of our journey we do have a further surprise for you! Captain Dieter and his boat named Ondança will take us from a small port at the lake of Lagoa da Conceiçao. This trip will begin with a coastal cruise along Costa da Lagoa, passing the Sambaqui and the Ponto das Almas which are tombs of the former Indians. The vegetation along the coast is breath-taking, from mangrove forests to the Atlantic Rain Forest. The eco system favors conditions for lots of birds and other wildlife, for example cormorants, gulls, monkeys and more.

For lunch we will stop off in a rustic restaurant at the Lagoa. But before consuming delicious typical regional fish we will go to the waterfall where you will have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim. After lunch we will have a short hike through the Atlantic Rain Forest to a stunning view point over the whole Lagoa. Afterwards the boat tour will bring us to the private beach Praia do Saquinho with its private residential fort built in a middle age style. At this beach you can swim and enjoy a Caipirinha freshly prepared by our Captain.

The boat trip will head on further through a channel to Barra da Lagoa where we can admire the typical local fishing villages and residences along the channel. Afterwards we will be going to the open sea and will have a beautiful panoramic view to the islands of Aranhas, Xavier, Arvoredo and Campeche. If you want to you can have another swim in the open water. Could there be any nicer finish? (B/L)


13th day: Departure (optional: Extending opportunities)

With a heavy heart we will have to bid farewell to you and will thank you for the nice time we were allowed to spend with you together.


Attendance: 2 to 12

Difficulty: light to midle

Price includes:

  • Airport transfer from/to Florianopolis
  • Welcome drink/Caipirinha
  • 4 overnights in a chalet resp. apartement at the beach of Estaleiro
  • 1 camping overnight in the Atlantic Rain Forest
  • 2 overnights at Bella Pousada in the mountain village Dr. Pedrinho
  • 5 overnights double occupancy in a cozy Pousada in Lagoa da Conceição on the island Florianopolis
  • Rain forest trekking incl. camping
  • Middle class rafting tour
  • Bike- and canyoning tour
  • Riding and sand boarding in the dunes
  • Wild water kayak tour
  • Boat trip to the "Pearls of Lagoa"
  • 12 breakfast, 1 lunch, 7 dinner and 3 picnic lunchs
  • All transfers
  • English speaking guide



  • Single occupancy charge
  • Flights (return flight to/from Florianopolis) - offers can be provided on request
  • Local Payment* of EUR 150,00 to be paid to the guide in cash upon arrival  


*The Local Payment is mandatory for many tours. It is supposed for the local costs like board, entrance fees, camping fees, transports, local guides etc. for which no Notas Fiscais (deductible receipts) can be issued. It is a part of the total journey amount and will be issued to the guide upon begin of the tour in cash. To pay this part of the price at the scene helps operators to keep administration and running costs low whereby these savings are forwarded to you in form of lower tour rates.


Please view the official advertising film of SANTUR about Santa Catarina.


Optional pre-programs or extending opportunities

Combine your active journey with another vacation in one of the other gorgeous areas of Brazil


1st tip: Foz do Iguaçu

A further absolute highlight of any trip to Brazil is the gigantic waterfalls of Foz do Iguaçu! These waterfalls - "big water" in the language of the Guarani - are one of the natural wonders of Brazil. The 275 waterfalls are extending in a width of about 3km and are drilling down 80m. Therefore they are wider than the Victoria Falls and higher than the Niagara Falls - and more beautiful than both. Neither words nor pictures are doing justice to them, one has to have seen and heard them! Thousands of years these waterfalls had been a holy natural tomb for the tribes of the Tupi-Guaraní and the Paraguas before they were recognized by the white man. This area still contains one of the best maintained virgin forests of the country, rich in bromelias, orchids, cedars and araucarias. In the National Park of Iguaçu there are sparrowhawks, woodpeckers, owls, "Macucos" and herons as well as mammalias like "Quatis", apes, tapirs, otters and "Ariranhas". With pleasure we will set up an individual program according to your wishes with private guides or in internationally mixed groups. Kindly let us provide an offer without obligation by us.  


2nd tip: Rio de Janeiro

Combine this multi active journey with a stay in Rio de Janeiro! Visit the Sugar Loaf, drive to the Corcovado and gaze at the largest city park named Tijucas Forest. We are pleased to create an individual offer.


3rd tip: Amazon

Or what about a bit of more jungle adventure in addition? Fishing piranhas, feeding caimans, driving into the tributaries of the Amazon by dugout canoe, getting to know the culture of the Caboclos? Already a stay about four nights is very interesting...


Brazil, Santa Catarina, Florianopolis - Adventure Travel

Multi active journey Brazil, sleeper Brazil, adventure journey Brazil, rafting, wild water kayak, adventure travel Brazil, hiking in the Atlantic Rain Forest, camping in the rain forest, riding at the beach, sand boarding in the dunes, group journey Brazil, Adventure travel Brazil