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Brazil travel: Ilha de Marajo

The Ilha de Marajo is nearly 50,000 square kilometers - comparable with Switzerland - the largest island in Brazil and one of the largest river islands in the world. The jungle island has 250,000 inhabitants, and is located in the mouths of the Amazon and the Rio Tocantins and provides the ideal destination for ecological excursions. The capital is Soure, a small fishing village with about 22,000 residents. Traces of the Indians who once resided on the island, are still retraceable today. Rainforest on the western side, savannah on the eastern side and palm trees, dense mangrove forests, rivers with small beaches and wetlands which are flooded in the rain season dominate the fauna. Certainly memorable is the ride on the back of a buffalo. The Brazilian buffalo have adapted the tide of nature on the partly marshy island and represent the main source of income. Similar to the nature of the Pantanal, the vegetation of the Ilha de Marajo is still largely untouched, so you can discover rich and varied habitats on your Brazil trip. Due to the fact the island is close to the equator, it is also dominated by two seasons, the rainy and the dry season. The time from January to June brings a lot of rain, while the months from July to December are relatively dry. The maximum daily temperature averages 30-33 degrees Celsius and the water is always 28 degrees warm.

Brazil Map Ilha de Marajo

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