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Brazil travel: Natal

Natal, with its 804.000 inhabitants, is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and is also called the city of sand dunes. It has a good tourist infrastructure in addition to numerous beaches, dunes and freshwater lagoons. On your trip to Brazil make sure you visit Natal in order to enjoy almost 300 sunny days a year. The 120 meter high dune “Morro do Careca” is located on the beach “Ponta Negra”. At the city beach “Artistas” you can expect to find rare coral reefs that are ideal for snorkelling. A boat tour is recommended to explore the vastness of the sea. Those who prefer to travel the country, we highly suggest a horseback ride with the dromedary. The Three Kings Fort of Natal, or “Forte dos Reis Magos” is the main attraction of the city. You can also visit the Cathedral built in1599 and many other historical buildings in the baroque or neoclassical style. Local specialities can be found in the good restaurants and bars that surround the city as well as many small shops and boutiques. In Natal you can find warm to hot temperatures with an average of 20 to 31 degrees all year round. October, November and December are the months with the lowest rainfall and the most sunshine hours. If you consider the months March to July for your trip, you can expect a little more rain.

Brazil Map Natal

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