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Accomodation - Brazil Amazonia: Anavilhanas Lodge - Travel Packages from 2 to 5 nights
Travel Packages from 2 to 5 nights Anavilhanas Lodge

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Travel Packages from 2 to 5 nights Anavilhanas Lodge Accomodation - Brazil Amazonia

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a small charming hotel that brings together nature and comfort in a subtle and harmonious fashion. In the Lodge, you will not find grandiose buildings, vast fields, and fiberglass replicas of animals or plastic flowers on the tables. The Anavilhanas jungle lodge prides themselves on keeping the design of the lodge based on the stunning nature along with the local culture of the Amazon.

We offer the following packages at the Anavilhanas Lodge in the Amazon



The Anavilhanas Lodge is located 180 kilometers (112 miles) outside of Manaus by land, in the right margin of the Rio Negro, surrounded by a stretch of untouched tropical rainforest and across from the Anavilhanas National Park. Here you can experience life in the Amazon region, explore rich biodiversity and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Rooms and Facilities

The Anavilhanas Lodge offers both standard rooms and luxury bungalows. There are 16 standard suites in the Lodge, all of them equipped with split air conditioning, box beds, hot and cold water, fridge and an inviting porch. The standard rooms are in 8 different cottages with two adjoining rooms but without disturbance. There are 4 luxury bungalows available which are equipped with LCD TV and Sky HD programming, have a king size bed and walls made of glass so that you can experience being in the forest with the comfort and luxury of being in your room. The architecture is traditional for the region: lots of hay and suspended wooden structures, which have cozy rooms where the guests will find peace and quiet for a good night’s sleep.



The Lodge restaurant is hidden deep amidst the trees, but through them it is possible to experience the dark water river, which is so dark that it has been called Rio Negro (Black River). In the menu, you will find a blend of classic traditional dishes with international cuisine, prepared and served with diligence for an impeccable presentation.
The deck and pool overlook the river and are among trees that provide shade, peacefulness and a perfect spot to relax. In the reception and bar you will find a full library, comfortable chairs and gaming tables which invite the guests to relax and enjoy their time. There is also a small floating deck which allows our guests to take a river dive, or to simply absorb the quietness of the dark waters.


About the packages

The Anavilahanas Lodge packages were designed to allow the best Amazon experience for their guests. They are the only Lodge to offer guided visits to Anavilhanas Archipelago and sightseeing tours for the Amazonian dolphin included in the package at no extra cost. Besides an unforgettable experience, filled with exquisite landscapes and vivid wildlife experiences, all guests should leave the Amazon with the knowledge of a unique and intriguing reality, contemplating not only wildlife and nature, but also the people and their society. Therefore, it is recommend that the visitor spend at least 3 days and 2 nights at the Anavilahanas Lodge, so that the main features of the region can be absorbed and enjoyed during the stay.
All packages include:

  • All meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 to 3 daily tours offered by the Lodge, according to the package chosen.
  • Guide in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
  • Transportation from  the airport in Manaus to the hotel and back

Special Honeymoon Package:
To couples on their Honey Moon the lodge offers,at no extra charge, special attention to make this magical moment truly unforgettable. Besides all the regular activities in the Lodge, the newlyweds will be entitled to:

  • Especially decorated room with flowers and exotic fruit;
  • A welcome gift containing chocolates and a champagne bottle;
  • A shower kit containing natural products derived from Amazon seeds and herbs;
  • A daily cocktail offered in our bar;
  • A romantic dinner in the most charming table in our restaurant.

More Information

  • Drinks and health insurance are not included.
  • You will need to bring: light clothes, shirts with long sleeves / long pants / comfortable shoes for rainforest trails, backpack for day trips, sandals, swimwear, sun protection, flashlight, mosquito repellent, sun glasses, hat or cap and raincoat.
    Please avoid dark clothes because they attract mosquitoes. Camouflage clothes are ideal for animal observation.

Transportation from Manaus to the Lodge can be done in the following ways:

  • Regular transfer (included in the package): By van (3h)
  • Hydroplane (not included in the package): Single stretch (35min) (The reservation has to be made in advance for price confirmation).

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