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The greatest trip I've ever taken! - Theresa

September 19, 2019

Thanks to you!

Hi, Lars.

Yes, we arrived safely back in Vienna.

Well, I can tell you that this was the greatest trip I ever made!

The transfers all worked out wonderfully. In Manaus the driver was 15 minutes late due to an accident and even called the hotel so we didn't have to wait unnecessarily, which was really nice.

In Foz do Iguacu we had Vera as our guide. I have to say, she was really an angel, explained and showed us a lot, took her time, gave tips. I felt as if I was travelling with a good friend, so relaxed and "well protected in a foreign country" - a big praise to her!

The driver for Rio was also great. He explained an incredible amount and showed us a lot.

The accommodations were also completely suitable, although I have to say that the part in the Amazon was the very best. Unfortunately you can only be here for a short time/a few days. I get to know a lot of people every day because of my work, but the guide Lima really made the biggest positive impression on me. He was competent, explained a lot, showed me a lot and let me experience in his own way the nature including animals and way of life, so that I would even prefer such a holiday to a Caribbean holiday again.

Thanks to you! You have really planned everything perfectly and made a big effort.

If all goes well, we will probably hear from each other again next year in spring - then for the Amazon.

Theresa has booked 3 days in Foz do Iguacu among others.

Source: Aventura do Brasil