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We live in Brazil

Brazil is our new home, and we would like to help you discover this breathtaking and multi-faceted country for yourself. Due to its endless number of natural wonders and sights, it is nearly impossible to travel and experience all of Brazil in just one trip. We would be happy to help you identify the most relevant destinations for your vacation and put together a tailor-made tour of Brazil just for you!

Our Most Popular Travel Packages:

from USD 1175
5 Days of Nature and Beaches
Brazil | Lencois Maranhenses, Sao Luis

Visit one of the natural highlights of Brazil: the worldwide unique landscape of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The wavy sand dunes spread like an endless bed sheet and give the region its name. This remote region between dunes and the ocean is home to indigenous villages and nature along rivers such as the spectacular Rio Preguicas.

from USD 2090
7 Days of Culture, Hiking, and Beaches
Brazil | Salvador da Bahia, Chapada Diamantina, Praia do Forte

This journey will expose you to the wide diversity of Bahia: the famous historical center of Salvador, adventurous tours in Chapada Diamantina National Park, and palm-lined dream beaches. Colorful little streets, waterfalls, caves, table mountains, tropical culinary specialties, and much more await you on this tour to the most beautiful places in Bahia.

Our Most Popular Tours and Round Trips:

from USD 4910
10 Days of Culture, Wildlife, and Nature
Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguacu, Manaus, Amazon

This journey will take you to the most beautiful places in Brazil: the tropical metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, the spectacular waterfalls of Foz do Iguacu and the exceptional nature of the Amazon Rainforest. Many different and individual day trips and excursions are on the program. You will gain distinct impressions of Brazil's diversity, visit the most famous sights, and get to know the breathtaking variety of animals and plants of the jungle. Our local English-speaking guides will make sure that you have a great time and show you the best of Brazil.

10 Days of Nature, Adventure, and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Manaus, Amazon, Pantanal

Experience the unique and breathtaking nature and amazing variety of flora and fauna in the Amazon and the Pantanal in Brazil. On many different excursions you will explore the equatorial rainforest and one of the largest wetlands on earth by boat, jeep, and on foot. On this tour, wildlife observation and the experience of nature are in the foreground. Apart from exotic plants and giant trees, you will have the chance to see countless bird species, different monkeys, caimans, anteaters, tapirs, and even jaguars. Immerse yourself in the dense foliage of the Amazon Rainforest, explore the waterways of the Pantanal, and let yourself be enchanted by the wonders of Brazil's nature.

Why plan your Brazil trip with us?

As a team of travel-experienced expatriates who love to work in intercultural settings, we thrive in matching your expectations with the various travel options Brazil has to offer.

  • We live in your travel destination.
  • Our team carries out constant quality assessments.
  • Secure payment via credit card or transaction in multiple currencies.
  • Fair prices.
  • A direct English operated emergency support line in Brazil is available 24/7.
  • Tailor-made travel quotes.
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Experience Your Tailor-Made Tour in Brazil

For more than 20 years, Aventura do Brasil has been organizing tailor-made and custom tours in Brazil. Since we are at home in the largest country in South America with its cultural and scenic diversity, we know exactly what to pinpoint for your visit to a metropolis like Rio de Janeiro or the tropical rainforest in the Amazon. As a Brazilian tour operator, we will faithfully guide you from wonders such as the Iguaçu falls to the dune landscapes of Lençóis Maranhenses. On your trip to Brazil, we will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in the Pantanal or enjoy your vacation in small towns with a lingering charm of the colonial era.

Mission Statement

At Aventura do Brasil, we use nature conservation, cultural respect, fairness, empathy, and social responsibility as guiding principles when creating tailor-made trips to Brazil. We believe that sustainable tourism is one of the keys to maintaining intact ecosystems and generating socio-economic benefits for local communities.

Interesting Facts for Your Vacation in Brazil

We understand that before you travel to another continent, especially a tropical one, you would have countless inquiries. Therefore we have collected the most frequently asked questions of our guests in the "Info" tab. There you can find useful information on the following topics:

- Visa and entry to Brazil

- Paying and exchanging currency in Brazil

- Best time to visit, weather and climate for different regions in Brazil

- Time zones and differences

- Recommended vaccinations for Brazil and other travel medical information

- Cell phone usage in Brazil and much more

If your inquiry was not addressed among these topics, feel free to contact us!

Profit from our Partner Network

Our partner agency specializes in flight bookings to and within Brazil. We would be happy to explore attractive flight offers for you from your point of departure and/or within Brazil, to keep airfare as reasonable as possible. Choose from our offers of round trips to Brazil or just let us know which regions of Brazil you would like to visit. We will be happy to arrange a custom tour just for you.

Our Types of Tours and Guides

Of course you can take an organized tour and enjoy a potpourri of Brazil's treasures, which is certainly a safe and comfortable way to discover a foreign culture. But as local travel experts on the ground, we can do even more. With us you will have the opportunity to combine your dream vacation flexibly with our numerous travel packages. You tell us which regions in Brazil you would like to visit, and we will start to put together a tailor-made itinerary for your vacation. In addition, you can also set thematic priorities for your custom tour:

Active travel: Hike through intact ecosystems in the Northeast of the country and enjoy refreshing waterfalls, caves and natural swimming pools far away from mass tourism. Perhaps consider exploring the Northeast on your own in a buggy. Drive along the coast of the state of Ceara and explore dunes, river landscapes and tranquil fishing villages. Alternatively, you can cycle around Santa Catarina or ride through the Serra Catarinense plateau.

Adventure travel: Do you want to experience the South of Brazil in a more thrilling fashion? Embark upon hiking and camping in the Atlantic Rainforest! In addition to the diverse surroundings of nature, a whitewater expedition with kayaks is offered and, as a highlight, canyoning which includes abseiling in the jungle river. Survival tours in the jungle are also part of our program.

Family travel: Brazil also has a lot to offer for families. Whether along the coconut coast or in the state of Santa Catarina, traveling through Brazil with a tailor-made itinerary for the family means pure vacation fun for both young and old.

Nature travel: Brazil offers nature in abundance. You can spend your whole vacation in the rainforest, go hiking or enjoy the country on horseback between the mountains and the ocean.

Language travel: You can never have enough foreign languages. Why not combine pleasure with education and learn some Brazilian Portuguese while on vacation? Our language school is located in Florianópolis, Brazil’s top city for quality of life, where you can relax between lessons on the beach and explore the country.

Luxury travel: Sometimes you just have to give yourself a special treat on vacation. Our Deluxe Tour takes you to the most beautiful locations in Brazil, with private guides and accommodations in first class hotels.

Your Journey Has a Face

Enjoy your tour through Brazil and dive into the country, its people, nature and culture. With us you will find hotels and typical accommodations for every budget, which are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. For us it is important that you feel in good hands. For this reason, our guides are not just faceless hosts, but have been carefully chosen and haved worked with Aventura do Brasil for years. With us you will encounter both native Brazilians and expatriates who have been living in Brazil for many years and have become very familiar with their second home. With their local know-how, the guides will ensure a comfortable vacation full of ideas and a varied program. To get to know who will accompany you on your vacation in Brazil, we would like to introduce you to our Guides in more detail. Make yourself at home with us during your trip to Brazil!

Also for Larger Groups and Special Needs

Whether you have special wishes and ideas for your trip to Brazil as a single traveler/couple or are looking for professionally planned group trips (e.g., universities, schools, companies, clubs and associations), our team on site will find the right option for you and will be happy to advise you! We are available to assist you with the concept design as well as the implementation of your corporate trip incentives. We are also happy to plan your very momentous and unforgettable honeymoon in the most beautiful and extraordinary places Brazil has to offer. Even if you are planning a trip for a silver wedding or birthday celebration, you are welcome to contact us. Are you planning your vacation with children? We have options for the entire family, and always put together suitable travel offers just for you!

More than 20 Years of Experience

Enchant your senses on your tour through Brazil and experience this multifaceted country and its people with the comfort, know-how and quality planning of our local Brazil travel experts. For more than 20 years we have been collecting the most beautiful destinations and hotels in Brazil and present them here on our site, for you to be well informed for your trip! While we know Brazil like the back of our hand, we also understand the demands of our international clients. To that end, we are more than equipped to ensure an unforgettable vacation experience for you and yours.

You will find numerous pousadas, hotels and travel packages that can be flexibly combined. In addition, we offer round trips with different themes and focal points. You will find a selection of tours filtered by nature travel, adventure travel, active travel, family travel, luxury travel, language travel, round trips and self-drive tours. Travel to different regions and cities and choose from our offers of authentic accommodations, such as:

• Hotels in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador

• Pousadas and lodges in the Pantanal and Amazon

• Pousadas and hotels in Florianópolis, Foz do Iguaçu, Manaus, and other popular travel regions of Brazil

Do you prefer to explore Brazil on your own, yet don't want to miss the amenities of an organized trip? With our travel packages you can put together your very own tailor-made tour in a very flexible way. For example, you can combine sustainable tourism in the Amazon with a tour of the Pantanal swamp area with its over 700 bird species, or you can travel six days on the "Rota das Emoções" from São Luis to Jericoacoara—not only with four-wheel drive vehicles, but also with boats and beach buggies. We would be pleased to arrange your custom tour through Brazil according to what you have in mind. We look forward to your request!

We Focus on Sustainability

Good tourism is responsible and adapts to the country and its conditions. Therefore, we decided to champion sustainability as Brazil travel experts and support the project "Salve Floripa" in our home town of Florianópolis. The project promotes awareness for the local environment and seeks to preserve the Atlantic Rainforest and its biodiversity. We support various projects within this initiative, for example the creation of the first ecological map of Florianópolis. For you as a traveler in Brazil, this social commitment has an added value, as the ecological map also provides you with information about hikes or places for water sports. The preservation of nature in Ilha de Santa Catarina is particularly close to our hearts. Therefore, on World Environment Day on June 5th, we actively support beach maintenance in Barra da Lagoa. If you want to experience the project up close, we have attractive travel packages in and around Florianópolis for you!

Personal Recommendation From Our Team

We have grown particularly fond of the small and rather unknown state of Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil, which we have made our new home. Santa Catarina, with its capital city of Florianópolis, offers beautiful landscapes, fantastic beaches and an unimaginable variety of activities for your vacation. Small romantic fishing villages, secluded bays, white dream beaches, the Atlantic Rainforest and untouched canyons offer the best conditions for varied tours in Brazil. Discover with us the wondrous South of Brazil, hardly known outside of the country until now, and enchant your senses with its beauty and warm people!

Keep up to Date With the Brazil Blog

Are you already familiar with our blog? Here we report about everyday life in Brazil and collect stories from the country and its inhabitants. Of course, we don't skimp on a lot of insider knowledge that will help you to plan your trip to Brazil. Even if you feel wanderlust after your trip, our Brazil Blog is ideal reading material to get back in the vacation mood. Take a look!

Brazil Travel 2024

Brazil is always worth a visit. It is not happenstance that the country will be one of the top South American travel destinations in 2024, with paradisiacal beaches, the Atlantic Rainforest, Table Mountains, sand dunes, lagoons, the fascinating Amazon Rainforest, the species-rich natural paradise of the Pantanal and many other highlights. As a water sports enthusiast, hiker, bird lover and nature lover you will get your money's worth in Brazil. The cities entice historical and futuristic architecture as well as a rich cultural scene. Florianópolis in the South of Brazil, for example, offers a perfect mixture of beach, nature and cultural experiences. Browse our Brazil travel offers now and be inspired for your next trip in 2024 with Aventura do Brasil. An inside scoop that we will leave you with is the cocoa coast in the state of Bahia, which you can discover on our Road Trip from Salvador to Ilheus. Our local travel experts will be happy to provide you with more information!

Brazil Blog

Ilha Grande is a large island near the coast of Rio de Janeiro, known for its impressive landscape with mountains, waterfalls and pristine beaches. The island impresses with many beaches that are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. Numerous hiking trails lead through dense rainforest and offer breathtaking views.

Chapada dos Veadeiros is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Goiás, Brazil, known for its breathtaking waterfalls, shimmering quartz crystals and impressive biodiversity. The landscape offers spectacular views with highlights such as the imposing Cachoeira Santa Bárbara waterfall and the Vale da Lua, a valley of glittering crystals. Visitors can explore picturesque viewpoints and enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the national park.

Brazilian churrasco is a culinary experience that is deeply rooted in the country's culture. This traditional barbecue method originated in the Pampas region and is now celebrated in churrascarias, traditional barbecue restaurants. Churrasco is not just a meal, but a communal ritual that embodies the spirit of Brazil and can be replicated at home.


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