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We Live in Brazil

Brazil is our new home, and we would like to help you discover this breathtaking and multi-faceted country for yourself. Due to its endless number of natural wonders and sights, it is nearly impossible to travel and experience all of Brazil in just one trip. We would be happy to help you identify the most relevant destinations for your vacation and put together a tailor-made tour of Brazil just for you!

Here you will find current information on the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. We will remain available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Let yourself be captivated during your holiday in the dream world of Brazil. Experience this multi-faceted country and its people with the comfort, the know-how and the quality planning offered by our Brazil experts.

You will find our strong point to be your advantage: we live in the country in which you will be travelling. As a result, we are as close as can be to Brazilian culture and thus optimally able to unite the expectations that you have of your holiday in Brazil, with on-site offers. Over the last 15 years, we have catalogued a list of the most beautiful holiday locations and hotels in Brazil; we display these on our website.

We offer you countless pousadas and hotels, as well as travel packages; and these can be combined with each other with complete flexibility. We also offer for your holiday round travels of Brazil, with a variety of themes and focal points. We offer you nature travels, family travels, foreign language travels, adventure travels, activity travels and luxury travels; all with a complete cross-reference of selected travels in Brazil. All of these different kinds of tours are possible in various regions and cities. With us you can land such offers for your holiday in Brazil that let you stay in: hotels in Rio Janeiro, in pousadas and hotels in Salvador; in hotels in Bahia; in pousadas in Pantanal; in Amazonas lodges, pousadas and hotels located in Florianopolis; in hotels in Foz do Iguacu; in hotels in Manaus, ....

When you have a holiday in Brazil with us, we will forge for you, besides private round tours, individual and specially customised group travels (e.g. for universities, schools, businesses, unions and associations). We are also available to help you with the execution and concept formulation that you have in mind for your business incentive travel. We also look forward to arranging your ever-personal and unforgettable honeymoon in one of the most beautiful and extraordinary locations in Brazil! Are you planning a family travel to Brazil? We will look forward to arranging a suitable offer for you.

We also mention our renowned partners responsible for the best possible flight offers from your departure airport in Brazil or within Brazil; so that you can be sure to obtain a value-for-money flight to Brazil when you go on your vacation.
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Let us satisfy your requests, and enjoy your holiday in a country full of joy, beauty, adventure and tropical flair.

One thing that has really found its place in our hearts, is the small and hitherto rarely known federal state of Santa Catarina, located in the South of Brazil - which we ourselves have discovered to be our new home.

Santa Catarina, whose capital city is Florianopolis, offers an unimaginable variety of adventure and activity possibilities for your holiday, beautiful sceneries and beaches which are the stuff of dreams. Small romantic fishing locations, solitary groves, white celestial beaches, the Atlantic rainforest and undisturbed canyons constitute the best requisites for an unforgettable adventure travel in Brazil.

Discover with us the paradise of South Brazil, still hardly known outside of Brazil even today. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty and the warm people this region has to offer during a vacation here.
Your Aventura do Brasil Team

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The accommodations were also completely suitable, although I have to say that the part in the Amazon was the very best.

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