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A trip to a Cocoa Farm in Bahia, per our insider advice.

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Brazilian Places to Know

As experts on the country, we can give you plenty of insider advice. This is where the Aventura do Brasil team shares its experience.

We show you on which itinerary you will experience two wonderful weeks in Brazil. Just make the most of the precious time you have! If you find it difficult to relax at home in your familiar surroundings, Brazil will give you that long-awaited change of scenery. Take a read and start planning your perfect Brazil trip!

Cachaça, a miniature of the Statue of Christ, swimwear, Havaianas, or delicious delicacies are among the most popular souvenirs from Brazil. This beautiful country is reflected not only in its breathtaking nature, but also in its colorful art and culture. With so much culture, music, and handicrafts, of course, the choice of souvenirs is correspondingly large!

Endless beaches, imposing mangrove forests, vast dune landscapes, local cuisine, and warm hospitality - this is Caburé. The small town is a hidden paradise on the north coast of Brazil and is situated close to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Learn more about Caburé and its unique surroundings here!

Here, traditions and modernity collide, creating an ambiance all its own. On a trip to Brazil, there is probably no other place where travelers can learn so much about Brazil's culture and history. Visitors from all over the world are inspired by the liveliness of this colorful metropolis. Take a look for yourself!

The diverse opportunities in and around Paraty offer visitors of all ages a unique travel experience in Brazil. In addition to the historic city center, fjords, and bays, the dense Atlantic Rainforest and the many beaches invite visitors to a colorful journey of discovery in the surrounding countryside.

Here's our insider tip! Besides great beaches and interesting cities, Espírito Santo also delights with its impressive nature with high peaks, exciting rock formations, Atlantic Rainforest, natural pools, and waterfalls. Let our new blog article inspire you to a fascinating Brazil vacation in Espírito Santo!

Get to know our top 10 sights to see in Rio de Janeiro in this article. The metropolitan city on the Atlantic coast of Brazil has quite a lot of culture and history in store for you. Rio's beautiful beaches are definitely worth discovering, and be sure not to miss the samba dancing that takes place until the early hours of the morning.

Old, charming, full of historic houses and art studios. The streets of Santa Teresa are truly an attraction in themselves. The best way to discover the impressive atmosphere is to take a stroll. But be prepared, because the streets in the neighborhood are quite steep! Keep reading to see it's worthwhile...

Animal lovers watch out! Anteaters, giant otters, tapirs, maned wolves, and jaguars are the five most famous representatives of Brazil's animal world. We have summarized exciting facts about these animal species and inspiration for your Brazil trip in our new blog article. Don't miss out on this one!

On a trip to Brazil, in addition to numerous beautiful beaches, the tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, and other Brazil highlights, untouched natural and animal worlds are waiting to be discovered. The Pantanal was only recently voted into the top 5 of the world's best vacation regions for animal safaris. If you are currently on vacation in Brazil, you should not miss the unique opportunity to visit this region.