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November 21, 2020

Brazil has the second largest road network in the world and while many places can be reached by plane, there are some cities and beaches that are easier to discover by car. A rental car trip around Brazil is a great way to discover the different landscapes, cultures and diverse natural paradises.

If you want to discover culture and history during your trip to Brazil, in addition to beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and fantastic landscapes, the island of Florianopolis is the right place for you. Historically seen a Brazil vacation or an adventure and discovery trip in southern Brazil has a lot to offer.

The time of sunset can be beautiful anywhere, be it from our window, in the middle of traffic in big cities, at a beach paradise or during your Brazil trip. We often combine sunsets with unforgettable memories and unique experiences. At the top spots in Brazil, you only have to prepare the camera and you are ready to go!

Fernando de Noronha is a paradise of rare beauty. The archipelago of volcanic origin lies off the coast of Brazil. On Noronha, you can enjoy warm temperatures all year round and only have to pay attention to the dry and rainy season when planning your trip. With a one-hour flight from mainland Brazil, you can reach one of the most beautiful destinations for sea and beach lovers!

The old colonial city has retained its charm and the typical relaxed atmosphere of rural Brazil is still intact here. Everywhere you can find small stores and inviting restaurants and music resounds from all corners at the end of the day. Not to forget the unique natural attractions in the immediate vicinity of Lençóis, such as waterfalls, natural pools and table mountains.

The small town is located in the wild northeast of Brazil, about 300 kilometers west of Fortaleza, embedded like an oasis in a wondrous dune landscape. The whole area was declared a nature reserve in the mid-80s. At the same time, the

December 16, 2015

A trip to Brazil is always also a confrontation with reality, which must stand up to our expectations. Beautiful, laughing and happy people are part of the stereotypical image we have of Brazil. And nowhere do we see ourselves confirmed in this image more than in Florianopolis.

The numerous natural paradises of Brazil, the colonial cities, and above all the multicultural population in the largest country in South America make a trip to Brazil a unique experience. The many similarities, but also the contrasts of the different cultures, let tourists in Brazil vacation rave about their little world. There are cold and warm regions, rich and poor neighborhoods side by side, and a unique and diverse population of African, European, Asian, and many other regional influences, because Brazil is historically considered one of the classic immigration countries.

Climbers can get their money's worth in Brazil, because the highest peak is almost 9,842 feet high.

How the taboquinha plant is used to produce a sustainable alternative to plastic drinking straws.