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A trip to a Cocoa Farm in Bahia, per our insider advice.

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Brazilian Places to Know

As experts on the country, we can give you plenty of insider advice. This is where the Aventura do Brasil team shares its experience.

Tripadvisor has once again listed the best beaches in the world to visit in 2022. Brazil is also very successful again this year and is represented among the top 10 worldwide with no less than three beaches that you should not miss during a trip to Brazil! We let you know Brazil's best beaches.

The state of Mato Grosso is located in the Midwest of Brazil and is known for the Pantanal, one of the largest inland wetlands on earth and home to a unique flora and fauna. We present you our highlights in Mato Grosso, so that you are well prepared for your next Brazil trip through the "Wild West" of Brazil!

The vaccination campaign is running successfully, the rates of hospitalisation are falling, and corona figures are decreasing, so that 22 Brazilian capitals have removed the obligation to use mouth/nose protection. There, using face masks became optional. Find more information in our newest blog article!

Carnival is the biggest event in Brazil every year. Due to the Corona pandemic, Brazil had to suspend the carnival already in 2021. For this year, there was hope for a long time that the carnival could take place as usual. Are you a lover of carnival in Brazil? We let you in on the current state of affairs today.

If you are going on a trip to Brazil, you should not miss multifaceted Salvador! The vibrant culture of the Afro-Brazilians is omnipresent and reflected in the art, the music, the food, and the pulsating attitude towards life. Join us on our cultural tour of Salvador and pick up some insider tips!

Corona put a spoke in the wheel of many people, including our intern. Instead of traveling to Brazil and starting her internship on-site, she worked from home in Germany, over 5,592.00 miles away. In this blog article, she tells us how she organized her everyday life as an intern and how she came to love Brazil!

About 100 kilometers from Manaus lies the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the second largest river archipelago in the world with more than 400 islands. It is an impressive labyrinth of islands, river channels, and trails. Anavilhanas Park, recognized as a Natural Heritage of Humanity, has an impressive flora and fauna to discover during a Brazil vacation.

The numbers of new corona cases and deaths are stable, and the situation is under control. Brazil can even already report over 100 percent vaccination coverage in some cities, such as Florianópolis and São Paulo. When all administered vaccinations are added together, it comes to over 326.3 million doses.

Anyone who has ever stood on a surfboard knows the feeling: fleeting seconds of pure joie de vivre, and freedom, and energy surge through the veins. It is clear that the relaxed Brazilians do not miss this magical moment. You too, can take a trial surf lesson on your Brazil trip all year round!

Dream beaches, charming small towns, and a beautiful archipelago of islands - that's Pernambuco. With an average annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the area is perfect for enjoying some time out in the sun. We've compiled our top 5 things to do and see in Pernambuco here.