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Brazil Travel Packages

Just click on the map to view travel packages and information about the respective travel region. We know that there are almost innumerous options to choose from. And that's where we come in. Just send us a quick message. We would love to put together a tailor-made tour of Brazil just for you!

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Traveling Brazil

Brazil is pure pleasure and features an incredible variety of options. As the most populous and largest country in South America, Brazil covers almost half of the continent and is home to nearly 200 million people. The cultural activities and the number of cities and landscapes to discover while traveling in Brazil are extensive. From ultra-modern cities like Brasilia or Sao Paulo to primordial jungle regions with indigenous populations, the country has it all. In Brazil, you can connect with the vastness of the Amazon, fantastic beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Carnival and samba. Nature and culture are very different from the north to the south of the country, which is also reflected in its ethnic composition. The Brazilian population is a mixture of Indigenous, African and European influences. This rich melting pot of different races and cultures is evident in traditions, religions, and, most of all, the tasty cuisine of each region. In that case, a tailor-made trip to Brazil is worthwhile for everyone. Browse our selection of travel packages and be inspired!

A must for all travelers in Brazil is a visit to the vibrant metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, beautifully located between the ocean, hills and the Atlantic Rainforest. Discover the culture and history of this fascinating city while enjoying sunny days on the magnificent, miles-long sandy beaches and spectacular views from Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain. Impressive natural spectacles greet travelers in Brazil, in the protected Pantanal or the Amazon, the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Embark on a discovery quest along the endless river and immerse yourself on a guided tour into the diverse flora and fauna.

The Northeast of Brazil attracts many with the baroque-style and colorful historic center of Salvador and the impressive table mountains of Chapada Diamantina. Further north, the dreamlike national park of Lencois Maranhenses extends between turquoise lagoons and dunes. The wild Iguassu waterfalls, plunging in the rainforest and roaring into the depths, are another natural wonder that should not be missed. Other highlights include the countless vast coastal areas with secluded natural beaches, which find their completion on islands such as Ilha Grande or Fernando de Noronha. There are also many lesser-known areas with hidden treasures and landscapes and you can engage intimately with the local population. The possibilities are endless in Brazil. See for yourself on a customized trip that aligns with your preferences!

The diversity of the country is equally shown in our travel packages, in which we offer a mix of different excursions and lodging. During your experience, you will undertake trips in small groups or with a private guide. Stay in typical lodging, whether in a comfortable hotel, a lodge in the rainforest or a cozy pousada right on the beach. Considering the size of Brazil, it is important to have sound travel arrangements to ensure the best possible experience. Design your trip individually, according to your personal taste with a focus on culture or nature. Decide for yourself how much time you want to spend actively discovering Brazil and how many recreational days you would like on your itinerary. When planning your trip, we are always at your service.

Please find below a selection of our most popular travel packages:

from USD 2090
7 Days of Culture, Hiking, and Beaches
Brazil | Salvador da Bahia, Chapada Diamantina, Praia do Forte

This journey will expose you to the wide diversity of Bahia: the famous historical center of Salvador, adventurous tours in Chapada Diamantina National Park, and palm-lined dream beaches. Colorful little streets, waterfalls, caves, table mountains, tropical culinary specialties, and much more await you on this tour to the most beautiful places in Bahia.

from USD 1175
5 Days of Nature and Beaches
Brazil | Lencois Maranhenses, Sao Luis

Visit one of the natural highlights of Brazil: the worldwide unique landscape of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The wavy sand dunes spread like an endless bed sheet and give the region its name. This remote region between dunes and the ocean is home to indigenous villages and nature along rivers such as the spectacular Rio Preguicas.

from USD 1980
5 Days of Beaches and Nature
Brazil | Fernando de Noronha

This trip takes you to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, which consists of 21 islands. Fernando de Noronha is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 215 miles (345 kilometers) off the Northeastern shores of Brazil. It is a paradise for ecotourism and sustainable travel and is especially known for its numerous natural attractions and water sports.

from USD 1565
7 Days of Sightseeing, Culture, and Nature
Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, Paraty

If you would like to get to know many facets of Brazil within a few days, you do not have to travel far. In the state of Rio de Janeiro the most famous sights of the country are waiting for you. Not only are there famous structures and monuments in this tropical metropolis, but colonial buildings, art, culture, the Atlantic Rainforest, beaches, and fjords also unite here. Let yourself be enchanted by these absolute must-see landmarks of Rio de Janeiro.

from USD 725
4 to 8 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon, Tefe

Uakari Lodge is about a one-hour flight west of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon region. The local airport in Tefe is 1.5 hours away from the Mamiraua Reserve, where Uakari Lodge is located. This last part of the transfer is made by boat.

from USD 1750
5 or 7 Days of Nature and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Amazon

Our expedition cruises on the motor yacht Tucano provide a unique insight into the breathtaking flora and fauna of the gigantic Amazon Rainforest. Our two packages of 5 or 7 days allow you to experience the wonderful Anavilhanas Archipelago and Rio Negro, north of Manaus. During daily small-group expeditions with an experienced English-speaking guide, you will explore Amazon, for example, on canoe tours, piranha fishing trips, rainforest walks, and visits to small Amazon villages.