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Payment in Brazil

You can exchange your cash to Brazilian reals in small exchange offices as well as in some banks. Usually they accept both dollars and euros. However, in Brazil, you can now pay by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) almost everywhere. This is actually the most comfortable option. You can also withdraw cash with your foreign card at banks such as Bradesco and HSBC (daily limit is between R$800 and R$1,000). 
Current information: "The most common international credit cards have been accepted nationwide for cash withdrawals with credit card or debit Maestro cards at specified machines (including HSBC, Citibank, and Banco24Horas). However, lately, a variety of financial institutions have partly or completely excluded the use of debit and credit cards and cash withdrawal at ATMs has no longer been possible, or very limited. Travelers reported that they could withdraw no or just small amounts of money. Due to the current limited availability of cash withdrawal, we advise travelers not to rely solely on a supply of Brazilian Reals at ATMs. Consider alternative ways of money supply such as traveler's checks, foreign currency, etc. For failed withdrawals from ATMs, it is important to keep the bank receipt as a withdrawal from your account can sometimes still take place. For ATM cash withdrawals, take special caution. Pay particularly attention to devices where your card could be copied or your pin-code recorded ". (Source: Foreign Office)
There have been isolated incidents of criminal "cloning" cards, especially in big cities and at airports. They have been using a mechanism in the card slot of ATMs that copies the data on the card. With these copied data, they can then withdraw cash from your account.
We therefore advise that you to make cash withdrawals only in banks with video surveillance.
In smaller locations like Imbassai, Jericoacoara, on Boipeba and on Fernando de Neronha there are no ATMs. So please make sure that you have enough cash before arriving in these places.