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Aventura do Brasil in the Press

Süddeutsche Zeitung, #27/15

Cat's Luck

The dusty track full of potholes and wooden planks ends at the river. Next to a motorboat Lino Rocha is waiting to take the guests deeper into the swamp. The first contact is difficult. The common language is missing. But it works. Rocha points to some life jackets. "Do you have to wear them?" He shrugs his shoulders. Probably not. The engine starts to roar. The water splashes. We're off to the Pantanal. [more]

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, #07/13

Even in the Morning She Only Thinks of Flirting

Where Brazilians wear ponchos rather than bikinis: in the mountainous regions of Brazil, there are still real gauchos living who raise cattle but are not cowboys. And with a bit of luck you might even meet the "glorious three". [more]

Süddeutsche Zeitung, #20/13

In the Wild South

In the sunlight that penetrates through the slits in the wooden walls, the dust swirls as the cattle dawdle into the otherwise gloomy barn. Only the leisurely stomping of the four animals can be heard, which are now being chased in circles in here. The men who do this wear leather boots and wide trousers that they have tucked into their boots. At first they stand calmly and ponderously in the middle of the stable. [more]