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Cruises in Brazil

Enjoy a cruise in Brazil and discover stunning nature that is unique to the Amazon and Pantanal regions. Your stay on the waters will be brimming with unforgettable experiences and exciting excursions. Our expeditions allow you to explore remote corners of the Amazon or immerse yourself in the unique flora and fauna of the Pantanal. In the Pantanal, you may even have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see and photograph jaguars in their natural habitat.

Below You Will Find Our Most Popular Brazil Cruises:

from USD 1750
5 or 7 Days of Nature and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Amazon

Our expedition cruises on the motor yacht Tucano provide a unique insight into the breathtaking flora and fauna of the gigantic Amazon Rainforest. Our two packages of 5 or 7 days allow you to experience the wonderful Anavilhanas Archipelago and Rio Negro, north of Manaus. During daily small-group expeditions with an experienced English-speaking guide, you will explore Amazon, for example, on canoe tours, piranha fishing trips, rainforest walks, and visits to small Amazon villages.

3 to 6 Days of Nature and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Amazon

On our river cruises, you can experience the beautiful Amazon region with its diverse animal and plant life. You can choose from three different routes: Rio Negro, Rio Amazonas (Rio Solimoes), or both. Each cruise offers different exciting excursions, such as boat expeditions, nature hikes, or visits to local communities. Another highlight is wildlife observation. With luck, you might be able to spot monkeys, dolphins, sloths, otters, caimans, and a wide variety of birds.

3 to 8 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon

Our Amazon Expedition Cruises on typical Amazonas boats give you a unique insight into the breathtaking flora and fauna of this gigantic rainforest ecosystem. Various tours of 3 to 8 days duration provide unforgettable experiences and adventures. With your experienced English-speaking guide, you will enjoy daily excursions such as canoe tours, piranha fishing, rainforest hikes, and visits to small Amazon villages. Wildlife observation is a particular highlight, and with luck, you could spot pink dolphins, otters, monkeys, caimans, sloths, and many bird species, all in their natural habitat.

All our Brazil cruises can be planned as the cherry on the cake of an independent trip. You are welcome to contact us for a personal and non-binding consultation. Please contact us to receive your tailor-made itinerary.

Itinerary of Our Brazil Cruises

Our cruises set off from Manaus in the Amazon and Porto Jofre in the Pantanal.
We organize the entire itinerary for your Brazil cruise, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. This of course includes hotel accommodation before and after the cruise, as well as all transfers and additional excursions. On board, you can expect full board and an exciting excursion program with experienced, English-speaking guides.
You can choose from a packed schedule of Amazon excursions to suit your interests and the weather conditions. These include canoe tours, rainforest hikes, piranha fishing, or a visit to an local village. Pantanal cruises on the other hand are most famous for their jaguar observation expeditions. Jaguar safaris always take place in smaller boats to try to spot the big cats on the river banks or even swimming in the water.

The Best Seasons for Brazil Cruises

We recommended that you plan your Pantanal cruise for between May and October. This time of year is especially suitable for jaguar spotting, meaning you will have the best chance to spot the big cats in their natural habitat.
The best time for an Amazon cruise is from December to August. Due to the high water levels, you can enter deep into flooded areas in motorized canoes to explore the Amazon’s flora and fauna up close.

Highlights of Our Amazon Cruises

One of the highlights of an Amazon cruise is the breathtaking natural scenery that you will experience every day. Discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon through a varied schedule of excursions and learn about the culture and daily life of the indigenous people. Let the life in the Amazon pass you by while you relax on deck and soak up the unforgettable landscape.

Highlights of Our Pantanal Cruises

Enjoy several days of adventure in the Pantanal wilderness, which is one of the largest inland wetlands on earth. On these cruises, you will enjoy daily animal observation expeditions, and with luck, you could spot giant otters, tapirs, capybaras, and various bird species. Of course, the main highlight is jaguar observation, and you may be lucky enough to meet this magnificent big cat in its natural habitat.

Cruise Finder in the Amazon

We offer our cruises with a choice of different ships and lengths. Our cruise ships also differ in comfort level, size, and the personalization of the itinerary:

MY Tucano (5 to 7 days)
The MY Tucano is an exclusive and lovingly maintained Amazon boat with 9 guest cabins, a panoramic restaurant and bar, and a spacious sun deck. Every day, guests will have the opportunity to get close to the Amazon through a range of fascinating excursions.

Amazon Expedition Cruise (3 to 8 days)
Enjoy one of our expedition cruises on a typical Amazon boat. Each simple but clean cabin has a window, air conditioning, and a small en-suite bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.
These highly personalized cruises are conducted in small groups of 2 to 10 participants, ably led by an experienced English-speaking Amazon guide.

Amazonas Clipper Cruise (3 to 6 days)
Clipper cruises also take place on typical Amazon boats. Both the groups and the boats are a little bigger than on our expedition cruises, so guests can enjoy more spacious facilities. In addition, we offer a Premium Clipper Cruise with a very high level of comfort.

Cruise Finder in the Pantanal

Millennium Yacht
The Millennium Yacht is an upscale ship with 12 guest cabins and various amenities, such as a large indoor restaurant-lounge area and a spacious outdoor deck with a hot tub. The Millennium Yacht’s most exciting feature is that it is anchored in one of the Pantanal’s remote tributaries, right in the heart of jaguar country. Guests can enjoy daily jaguar safaris in small motor canoes to have the best chance of spotting and photographing these magnificent big cats.

FAQs About Brazil Cruises:

Which Amazon cruise would suit me best?

For guests who want to experience nature in a personalized way, we recommend our Amazon expedition cruises. For those who prefer more comfort alongside their dose of nature, we recommend our MY Tucano or Amazon Clipper Premium cruises.

Which languages are spoken on board?

On our Amazon and the Pantanal cruises, guides always speak at least English and Portuguese.

What facilities do cabins offer?

On all our ships, the cabins have en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and windows. Other facilities vary depending on the ship you choose.

Are Brazil cruises suitable for children?

While older children are welcome, some cruises are not suitable for families with younger children. We recommend our personalized expedition cruises for families with younger children, where adventures and new experiences can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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