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An agile windsurfer in action at Cumbuco beach.


Sports Activities in Brazil

Here you will find exciting information about sports in and from Brazil. We have compiled some worthwhile information for you.

Judo focuses on important social values such as respect, discipline and cooperation. Originating in Japan, judo has had a unique development in Brazil and has become one of the most popular martial arts in the country, crowned with Olympic gold medals.

The Lençóis Maranhenses offer an impressive expanse of dunes, lagoons, and sea, and Atins is a real insider tip for your Brazil trip. In recent years, this village has become the stronghold of kitesurfing, offering ideal conditions for the sport. Learn more about this amazing destination in Brazil in our blog article!

The games of the Brazilian national soccer team are a world event. Above all, the Seleção's wonderful technique makes every fan's heart beat faster. Not only has it won title after title, it has often played the most beautiful soccer. And the Seleção is always one of the title favorites at tournaments!

Brazil is associated with soccer, but many people describe skating as a secret national sport. That's because the country has more skate tracks than anywhere else in the world. This also benefits the non-governmental organization Social Skate, which offers support to underprivileged children in Sao Paulo.

Footvolley is one of the most popular sports in Brazil and has its home in Rio. It is a mixture of soccer and volleyball and it is played almost exclusively on the beach. So that this beach sport doesn't remain a foreign word for you, we will explain in this article what exactly is behind the trend sport footvolley.

Anyone who has ever stood on a surfboard knows the feeling: fleeting seconds of pure joie de vivre, and freedom, and energy surge through the veins. It is clear that the relaxed Brazilians do not miss this magical moment. You too, can take a trial surf lesson on your Brazil trip all year round!

The names of Pelé, Zico, and Ronaldo, some of the best players in the history of world soccer, are familiar to many. But Brazilian women's soccer is not to be underestimated either. They now dominate the entire continent and are among the best national teams in the world. Take a look at the best women players!

A new round of Olympic Games was on in 2021. The 302 Brazilian male and female athletes had set their sights high for the Tokyo Olympics, setting new records. So it was worth it that many Brazilians spent the nights in front of the TV in the last weeks, due to the time difference, to keep their fingers crossed for their countrymen...

Everything in Brazil revolves around soccer and cheering on the Brazilian national team. The Brazilians have already won the world championship title five times and so many exceptional players come from Brazil. From Pelé to Garrincha, from Ronaldo to Kaká - Brazil has produced some of the best players in the history of world soccer. Who are they?

October 01, 2015

The starting point of a Brazil trip is usually Rio de Janeiro, where life takes place on the beach. The beachgoers like it most active, be it swimming, surfing, or beach volleyball. Read more about Rio's competition to determine the king and queen of beach sports.