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View overlooking beach in Itacare, Brazil
Eco-tourist enjoying the dunes of Lencois Maranhenses
Macaws in Brazil's Amazon region

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We, as expatriates, share our knowledge

We are pleased to share news, trends and curiosities about Brazil with you here. Given that we live in Brazil, we constantly acquire new experiences that we do not want to keep to ourselves, be they funny, informative or adventurous. In our subsections (Sports, Culture, Adventure, Lifestyle, Social Engagement, Eco, Events and Travel Advice) the Aventura do Brasil team regularly collects new insider knowledge and summarizes it for you on our Brazil Blog.

Our aims are not strictly limited to enthusiastic Brazil fans. We also hope to reach newcomers with our passion. This material also serves as a wonderful resource in preparing for your trip.
Wouldn’t you want to know where the most beautiful beaches and hiking routes are in Brazil? Our Travel Advice section gives it all away.
Are you an adventure junkie seeking not just relaxed beach getaways but real action? The Adventure section provides you with great ideas.
Did you know that Havaianas and coffee make great souvenirs? Maybe you just want to learn from humorous, confident and unbiased Brazilians? The Lifestyle section provides further information.
Is there a Brazilian national sport besides soccer? Learn more in the Sports section.
If you are an advocate of eco-tourism, the Eco section will show you the most interesting Brazilian destinations.
Would you like to identify and champion social initiatives? No problem. In the Social Engagement section we present some projects that you can visit and support.
Do you like to celebrate and party? The Events section will shed light on when and where this is best done in Brazil.
Brazil also has a lot to offer for culture enthusiasts. In the Culture section we draw your attention to such highlights.

Benefit from the insider knowledge of the Aventura do Brasil team and read carefully so that you can come up with exciting anecdotes for your next social gathering. Check our blog regularly and always stay up to date with the latest news in Brazil!

Brazil is often associated with rice, beans, and meat, but vegan and vegetarian diets play a considerable role. Most vegetarians or vegans live in the southeastern half of Brazil, especially in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba. On a Brazil trip, it's no problem to eat meat-free or no animal products at all.

Corona put a spoke in the wheel of many people, including our intern. Instead of traveling to Brazil and starting her internship on-site, she worked from home in Germany, over 5,592.00 miles away. In this blog article, she tells us how she organized her everyday life as an intern and how she came to love Brazil!

About 100 kilometers from Manaus lies the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the second largest river archipelago in the world with more than 400 islands. It is an impressive labyrinth of islands, river channels, and trails. Anavilhanas Park, recognized as a Natural Heritage of Humanity, has an impressive flora and fauna to discover during a Brazil vacation.

The numbers of new corona cases and deaths are stable, and the situation is under control. Brazil can even already report over 100 percent vaccination coverage in some cities, such as Florianópolis and São Paulo. When all administered vaccinations are added together, it comes to over 326.3 million doses.

As a former Portuguese colony and country of immigration, Brazil has different Christmas traditions. We enlighten you about peru de natal and papai noel and introduce you to some Brazilian Christmas traditions. You might even feel the urge to escape winter in Northern America and take a spontaneous Brazil trip to the sun.