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View overlooking beach in Itacare, Brazil
Eco-tourist enjoying the dunes of Lencois Maranhenses
Macaws in Brazil's Amazon region

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We are pleased to share news, trends and curiosities about Brazil with you here. Given that we live in Brazil, we constantly acquire new experiences that we do not want to keep to ourselves, be they funny, informative or adventurous. In our subsections (Sports, Culture, Adventure, Lifestyle, Social Engagement, Eco, Events and Travel Advice) the Aventura do Brasil team regularly collects new insider knowledge and summarizes it for you on our Brazil Blog.

Our aims are not strictly limited to enthusiastic Brazil fans. We also hope to reach newcomers with our passion. This material also serves as a wonderful resource in preparing for your trip.
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Benefit from the insider knowledge of the Aventura do Brasil team and read carefully so that you can come up with exciting anecdotes for your next social gathering. Check our blog regularly and always stay up to date with the latest news in Brazil!

The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of samba are usually Brazilian music, street dancing, or the carnival in Rio. When we speak of “samba de gafieira”, we mean a romantic couple dance. For the enthusiastic dancers among you, the rhythm should not be a foreign word before you start your journey to Brazil.

For many travelers to Brazil, a little dream may come true when they spot a wild turtle on one of the country's many beaches. This is still possible today due to the important work of the organization “Projeto Tamar”. The animals were almost extinct in the region a few decades ago but could recover in recent years.

If you plan your trip to Brazil in the middle of June, you will be able to experience this event. Unlike in the US, Valentine's Day in Brazil is celebrated in June and not on February 14. This is because the world famous carnival takes place in the country in February and the two holidays are not meant to collide.

While our team mainly consists of Germans who have emigrated to Brazil, we would like to introduce you to the other side. There are also some Brazilians living in Germany who left their home country behind to start a new life. Two of them are Júlia (30) and Alex (23), which give us an interesting inside.

Due to strong population growth, the greater São Paulo area has become one huge urban complex with more than 20 million inhabitants. Food insecurity, especially for poorer families, is a consequence of this rapid growth. The non-profit association "Cities without Hunger" has taken on the problem.