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Phone calls in Brazil

The phone numbers in Brazil are composed as follows: The actual number consists of 8 digits. These are always the last 8 digits of the number.
In Brazil, both cell phone and landline numbers have regional codes. These regional prefixes are composed of a 0 and two additional digits. The regional code of Florianópolis is, for example, 048.
However, individual providers have established that, from some devices and networks, you can only make regional calls with an additional provider code. These providers’ most common prefixes are 015 and 021. When you call a national number with such a provider code, eliminate the zero of the regional code.
If you, for example, call from Estaleiro to a number in Florianópolis with the 021 provider, the number would look like this: 021-48-XXXX-XXXX.
To purchase a SIM card from a local supplier in Brazil, you generally need a Brazilian tax number (CPF). In exceptional cases, the purchase is also possible with your passport. Since the issuance of the CPF may take several days and we cannot guarantee the purchase of a SIM card with your passport, we recommend that you bring your European SIM card and use that one to make phone calls.