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A percussion group in Bahia.

Social Issues

Social Issues That Move Brazilians

What is happening in Brazilian society and how are the people doing? We keep you up to date with our blog entries.

The Salve Floripa project is committed to the conservation and protection of the Atlantic Rainforest on the Ilha de Santa Catarina. The focus is on the harmonious relationship between nature, the ever-growing tourism in Floripa and the preservation of biodiversity. We from Aventura do Brasil are proud to support this project.

How the taboquinha plant is used to produce a sustainable alternative to plastic drinking straws.

Some social projects in Brazil are presented. They were initiated from different sides to contribute to the positive development of the country.

In this article, you will learn what makes volunteering in Brazil an extraordinary experience. Find out about possible fields of activity and gain insights into upcoming volunteer projects. Both social projects and working in nature are possible.

A Brazilian surfer launches a recycling project together with his girlfriend. Surfboards are constructed with plastic bottles washed up on the beach. The project is intended to draw attention to the miserable conditions of the oceans and offer a solution to improve the situation.

The Atlantic Rainforest is the less known counterpart to the Amazon. Read why it is at least as exciting and what is being done to protect it.

September 17, 2015

Before a trip to Brazil, everyone likes to gather information about the country and its people. The news page supports this by regularly reporting curiosities and news. Interesting and exciting facts around the Brazil vacation are thematized with us.

Who has not yet dreamed of spending a Brazilian vacation in the middle of beautiful nature, close to the beach and luxury? A Brazil journey to Florianopolis in the federal state Santa Catarina connects exactly these elements. The Jurere district, which is located about 23 kilometers north of the historic center of Florianopolis, can be used optimally as a retreat or as a starting point to discover the highlights of Florianopolis.

The martial art Capoeira is a mixture of dance and fighting elements and has become a worldwide recognized sport. If you are on a trip to Brazil, you should take the opportunity to try Capoeira yourself. The most important basic steps can already be learned in one day on a vacation in Brazil, for example by visiting a Capoeira school in the beach resort Imbassai, which is one of the highlights of Brazil and should not be missing on an active Brazil trip.

Chocolate fans watch out! If you are looking for an authentic encounter with the local Brazilian culture and want to let traditionally produced Brazilian chocolate melt in your mouth, this is the right place for you. On the northeast coast, you can experience the chocolate production process on-site and learn more about the local culture and life of the locals.