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Candelaria Chruch in the cultural center of Rio de Janeiro.


Cultural Diversity of Brazil

The influences of African, European and indigenous cultures have their place in the melting pot of Brazil. The country’s cultural heritage is as diverse as nature itself. Our blog entries tell you all about it.

Learn the most important information about the Berrante horn, which can be recognized from afar by its deep and unique sound. Discover how it is rooted in the traditions of rural cultures in Brazil.

November 10, 2023

Not only since today we know Brazil as a country rich in minerals. Gold is one of them, after all, it was already taken from Brazil at the time of the Portuguese colonization. How the gold rush affect(ed)s Brazil and where gold seekers travel(ed) to in Brazil, you will learn in this article!

Belo Horizonte is not only known for its architecture and culture, but also for its diverse and delicious cuisine. The traditional dishes are a feast for the senses. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience unforgettable culinary delights in this exciting city!

Brazil borders ten countries and over the years Brazil's relations with its neighboring countries have developed dynamically. Therefore, when traveling through Brazil or South America, it is worthwhile to learn about Brazil's relations with other countries.

Don't miss the delicious snacks that Brazilian cuisine has to offer, such as coxinhas, empadas, pastéis, and caldo de cana. You should definitely try some of these during your Brazil vacation. Let the flavors enchant you and enjoy this culinary journey. Here comes a taste. Bom apetite!

Queijo Minas or mine cheese not only has a unique taste, but is also closely linked to the history and culture of the state of Minas Gerais. The traditional Brazilian cheese is made from raw milk and is a firm, slightly crumbly cheese with a mild yet distinctive flavor.

Oscar Niemeyer was a tireless artist who made history in many ways with his architectural works. Although Oscar Niemeyer is no longer alive, he left behind more than 600 buildings in Brazil and abroad. Brazil's most famous architect has thus become a trademark of the country.

Brazil is a country of music. The synthesis of European, African, and Indian traditions has created a music of extraordinary variety and beauty. Whether the gentle sounds of the Bossa Nova, the spirited Samba, or the Música Popular. Be sure to enjoy some live Brazilian music on your trip to Brazil!

Macumba is a general variety of Afro-Brazilian cults that includes influences from Catholic religion, occultism, Native American cults, and spiritualism. The word macumba referred to a percussion instrument of African origin and today represents the variety of religious traditions of African origin in Brazil.

Tiradentes was a Brazilian rebel and freedom fighter who fought for justice and independence from the Portuguese crown. He owed his nickname Teeth Puller to his profession: dentist. The National Holiday commemorates this important national hero and his struggle against Portuguese colonial rule.