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Candelaria Chruch in the cultural center of Rio de Janeiro.


Cultural Diversity of Brazil

The influences of African, European and indigenous cultures have their place in the melting pot of Brazil. The country’s cultural heritage is as diverse as nature itself. Our blog entries tell you all about it.

The Rio Arapiuns is a tributary of the Rio Tapajós, and the meeting of the two, depending on the swell, can resemble a trip on the open sea. Handicrafts play an elementary role for many inhabitants. The riverside residents have now achieved a certain international fame with their unique designs.

Brazil is the country with the most inhabitants of African descent outside of Africa and the African heritage is reflected in every aspect of Brazilian culture. This is also evidenced by the quilombolas, the name given to a community of escaped slaves that were created during the time of slavery and are well worth a visit!

Anyone visiting Brazil and especially Recife should not miss a trip to the "Instituto Ricardo Brennand". The museum is a cultural institution in the metropolis in the northeast of Brazil and a non-profit organization. It stands out not only for its diverse collection, but also for its beautiful park.

The Brazilian women Anália Franco, Nise da Silveira, and Nísia Floresta, who are largely unknown in the United States, contributed significantly to improving social conditions in Brazil. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the careers of these three impressive women. And on your next Brazil trip you might stumble upon them...

Brazil is a country of music and seeing people sing and dance everywhere on the streets is not unusual. The Brazilian lust for life is expressed in the many styles of music such as samba, bossa nova, or funk. In this article, we introduce to you three top artists of the diverse and unique Brazilian music history.

Children's Day in Brazil is celebrated on a different date than in America. Brazil's “Dia das Crianças”, which is introduced in this article, is celebrated on October 12. When traveling in Brazil, you will realize that Brazilians love their children with all their heart and the best gift one can receive is children's laughter.

September 05, 2022

Brazil possesses a huge area and varied vegetation zones, from rainforest and savanna to mountainous landscapes. But nature is not only interesting for international tourists. Brazil's soil is very rich in minerals. The soil is also very valuable for agricultural corporations, like for the cultivation of soy.

On your Brazil trip, you will undoubtedly pass some Brazilian schools. Did you know that the Brazilian school system differs from the American in some ways? You can divide it into two levels. After early childhood education the basic education begins. In the following blog article, we will take a closer look at some of the different educational paths.

Brazilian women are pretty and Brazilian men are attractive. Men and women in Brazil are known worldwide for their openly flirtatious character. That they are particularly emotional, you will certainly be able to confirm after your Brazil trip. Of course, we play with some stereotypes in this article. Exceptions confirm the rule though.

Nowadays, there live around 900,000 indigenous people in Brazil, belonging to one of 305 different indigenous tribes. They make up only 0.4 percent of the population of Brazil, so that you probably won’t be able to get to know them better during your Brazil trip. More info you find here instead.