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The team of Aventura do Brasil

The team of Aventura do Brasil

Michael Krämer

Michael Aventura do Brasil

After moving multiple times within Germany and after extensive trips to America, Asia and Africa, at the age of 24 one thing was certain for me: I wanted to live outside of Germany. No sooner said than done. Via stops in Nice, Geneva and The Hague I finally ended up in São Paulo. Why São Paulo? Love... In Nice I met my wife Ana. Since she was still living in São Paulo at the time, we had to decide whether she would come to Europe or I would come to Brazil. Although I did not like São Paulo at all, I flew to Brazil in April 2006 on a one-way ticket.
But I soon realised that we had to get out of São Paulo as quickly as possible. The city is good for working. There is no quality of life there, at least not for me. So, we travelled through this beautiful, huge country to look for our new home. Then in 2008 we found the perfect place: Florianopolis. The city is mostly located on an island in southern Brazil and is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. In a few minutes we can walk to one of the dreamy beaches on the island. In a few minutes we can drive to the lush green Atlantic Rainforest. And in about two and a half hours we are in the almost untouched canyon landscape of the Serra Catarinense. Of course, we don't want to leave here.
I got to know Nicki, the founder of the Aventura do Brasil, in 2007. From the beginning it was clear for us that we would work together and from then on we did it hand in hand. Unfortunately, Nicki passed away much too early. But her dream of the Aventura do Brasil is continued: We want to show you our little paradise and this great and diverse country with full enthusiasm. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Lars Jensen

Lars Aventura do Brasil

I was born in '81 and come from a small village near Hannover, Germany. Early on, I became interested in other countries and cultures and later, I travelled a lot.
After finishing school and my military service, I wanted to work in this field, so I studied tourism management in the beautiful town of Salzgitter, which led me to get a job working at a small tour operator.
I came to Brazil for the first time in May 2011, where I was able to participate in the South Brazil Active Tour with our then "local partner" Aventura do Brasil. On this trip to Brazil I not only fell in love with the beautiful Ilha de Santa Catarina, but also with my current wife, with whom I live with in Brazil since October 2011.
The work at Aventura has a special appeal for me, not only because I have nice contact with the guests via e-mail or phone, but of course -due to my job - I "have to" see a lot of Brazil. This country is so huge and complex that I cannot claim to have seen everything, but I have seen quite a lot.
If you ask me today what I recommend visiting, I recommend a combination of the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the dreamy island of Boipeba in Bahia. But of course, this could potentially change after the next "business trip"...

Melanie Hubal

Melanie Aventura do Brasil

Olá, tudo bem? My name is Melanie and I have lived in Brazil since the end of 2013. The love for my husband and his beautiful home country led me here. We live in São Paulo, a metropolis of superlatives. There is everything and in abundance: people, cars, restaurants, bars, art, theatre, shops... The city's numerous parks are perfect for relaxing. The coexistence of many worlds is what makes São Paulo so attractive. For nature and beach lovers, a drive to the coast is recommended to escape from the hectic city. Particularly charming destinations are Litoral Norte and Ilhabela.
Reading adventure novels in my early childhood always contributed to my wanderlust and finally gave me the clarity for my choice of profession. Before I completed my tourism studies in Germany, I moved to New Zealand for a year abroad. Immediately after my diploma I went on another trip with an around-the-world-ticket. During this time, I gained work experience in Australia and visited fascinating places in Asia and South America. I already worked harmoniously with the team of Aventura do Brasil during my employment with a German tour operator. All the more reason for me to be "on board" now. The beauty and versatility of Brazil has mesmerized me and now I enjoy the privilege of delighting Brazil travelers with my enthusiasm.
Sejam muito bem-vindos no Brasil! Welcome to Brazil!

Christian Anderer

Christian Aventura do Brasil

I first experienced Brazil in 2004, when I backpacked through this gigantic country for four months during a long tour of South America. I travelled a lot throughout Europe ever since I was little, but the variety of landscapes and the attitude towards life here in Brazil exceeded all my previous experiences by far. Back in Germany, I studied Spanish as my main subject and at the same time I was travelling internationally as a tour guide for a provider of barrier-free travel. So, I was able to satisfy my unbroken travel fever. At the same time, the longing for Brazil just would not let go of me. I changed my studies to Latin American and Old American studies, Brazilian Portuguese included. I did my internship abroad at a self-catering project in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, which I had already gotten to know on my first trip to Brazil. After my studies, I lived there for two years on the edge of the national park and walked through almost every corner of this beautiful table mountain range full of waterfalls and other natural beauty. While travelling I got to know more and more parts of the country and finally met my great love. But I ended up in Germany, where I worked for a big online tour operator and then for a tour operator specializing in Latin America. Yes, and this is how I came into contact with Aventura do Brasil. In 2013 I returned to Brazil again, where I have been living with my family in the state of Espírito Santo ever since. I came to Aventura do Brasil at the beginning of 2016 and am of course extremely happy to be able to offer our guests advice and support for their individual experiences in this exciting and beautiful country.

John-Thomas Nagel

John Aventura do Brasil

I took my first big trip to the USA alone in the mid 90s as a 10-year-old. For me, a person who spent his childhood during the last few years of the GDR, this was a different planet and had a lasting influence on my view of the world and its many beautiful places and diverse cultures.
However, I never thought that I would end up in Brazil. Especially because it would have been difficult for me to ever imagine leaving my beloved hometown of Leipzig. But as it is in life, things usually change and turn out differently than you can (and should) plan. And so, it was for me, too, when I first encountered Brazil in 2013 through a Leipzig samba group. I was fascinated by the energetic and exotic rhythms. But it wasn’t until 2 years later, through my work at that time, that I was able to travel to this gigantic and diverse country for half a year. During this time, I also met my great love at a Brazilian wedding. Since then it was clear to me that I had to find a way to live and work in Brazil. The perfect opportunity came through Aventura do Brasil, as I was already in contact with the Aventura do Brasil team through my old job. And so, it finally happened in August 2016, I left my home country for an indefinite period of time.
Since then I have been living in Rio, this exotic-chaotic exciting and contrasting beach metropolis, nestled between the Mata Atlantica, spectacular granite mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. But who knows which other beautiful and exciting places in this huge country I will end visiting because there are endless places to see. I would like to introduce these magical places to travelers and interested people, so that they also can experience the wonderful refreshing sweet and sweet taste of Brazil.

Sarah Stadlbauer

Sarah Aventura do Brasil

Brazil - for me that is adventure, love of life, beauty, diversity and my new home. After my first backpacking trip in 2011 it was clear that I wanted to come back and discover much more of this wonderful country.
After my geophysics studies I packed my bags in 2014, boarded the plane and travelled through South America the following year. The rugged, lonely landscapes of Patagonia, the heights of the Andes and the lowlands of the Amazon fascinated me - but I finally stayed in Rio de Janeiro. The "Cidade Maravilhosa" impressed me and welcomed me with open arms. I worked as a German and English teacher and on weekends as a bartender in Copacabana - Portuguese course included.
When I met my husband Nicholas in 2016, I moved to the Amazon with him to work on an environmental project. We lived there in the fishing village of Alter do Chão, the so-called Caribbean of the Amazon- a paradise surrounded by jungle and endless white sandy beaches of the Tapajós river.
But after 1.5 years I had a great longing for mountains and cooler temperatures, so we moved to the highlands of central Brazil. I am now living here in the small town of Alto Paraíso, in the middle of the National Park "Chapada dos Veadeiros" . It is a region which is famous for its waterfalls and is ideal for extensive hiking and mountain bike tours.
From my own experience, I can say that Brazil really has something to offer for every traveler’s wishes, and I am happy to advise our guests to fulfill a travel dream and discover this great exciting country in an individual way.

Severin Dahlmeier

Severin Aventura do Brasil

I am a historian with focus on Latin American history. I got to know Brazil through an exchange program and since then I have been fascinated by this country and its people. In Brazil, history can be felt at every corner. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to move my work as a guide and interpreter in the field of business tourism from Cologne to the southeast of Brazil - more precisely to Belo Horizonte - and started to receive small groups and individual travelers in the state of Minas Gerais.
Since my arrival in Brazil, I have been committed to the preservation of the original ways of life and the unique nature of Brazil. Therefore, in 2018, together with some friends, I founded a non-governmental organization for the conservation of the Brazilian mountain savannah (Cerrado). The project is especially committed to the reforestation of the original forest areas and the sustainable use of resources. The work of the project also includes visiting local schools in order to get the next generation interested in the conservation of the Cerrado. My other great passion is music. European, indigenous and African influences have created a rich spectrum of rhythms and folklore, which impressed me a lot even before my first trip to Brazil. In January 2014, I succeeded in inviting several artists from Belo Horizonte to Cologne and Berlin, giving them the chance to present their music to an international audience. In my adopted home of Minas Gerais, I really appreciate the rich cultural and musical varieties.
Through my work as a guide I got to know Aventura do Brasil, where I can use my enthusiasm for Brazil to plan individually arranged trips. As an old boy scout, I always try to explore new places and to find out more about the history in direct conversations with locals. Of course, I am also happy to pass on these insider tips to our guests.

Nicole Sagemüller Esteves

How it all began...
A dream became reality: In 1998 Nicole Sagemüller Esteves visited her uncle and aunt - Rudi and Maria, in Brazil for the first time: "Honestly, if I hadn't had any relatives there, Brazil would have been at the bottom of the list of my travel destinations. I couldn't imagine anything else but the classical and common stereotypes: violence and sex tourism in Rio de Janeiro, all the diseases of the world in the Amazon... And that was it. I didn't even have an idea of the size and diversity of this country. So I got myself some travel guides, in which I searched for any useful information about the south of Brazil. Everything I found did not really awaken my wanderlust. "Oktoberfest in Blumenau, German colony towns like Pomerode..." I really asked myself, why did my uncle have to emigrate there of all places? Surely there are much more beautiful and interesting places in this world... And then I was completely taken aback! Beautiful, empty beaches, dense rainforest, endless possibilities for recreation...a paradise! And hardly anybody knows about this? That can't be true! I want to change that...! I want to live here and this beautiful spot on earth should be known to others. And so it was: With a strong will I went back to Germany after my holiday and started my plans right away. First of all I completed a new training as a marketing and sales assistant, because I thought you should know how to market the whole country properly. After a lot of market research, competition analysis, etc. until the finished brochure I went out and contacted all kinds of organizers, to make a long story short: in 2002 the first group came to Estaleiro/Santa Catarina. The people were enthusiastic. Meanwhile more than 800 guests (as of 10/2008) have been in Estaleiro and many of them have become friends and have been back 2, 3 or even 4 times. Also, there are already many interesting stories to tell. Of course, I was also interested in the many other regions of Brazil. This country is so diverse, so huge, so interesting and so full of contrasts... It's impossible to get even a fraction of it on a 14-day round trip throughout of Brazil. It would be comparable to a 2-week tour through Europe. In the meantime, I have also gotten to know the northern and southern Pantanal, the Amazon (among other things, I have travelled the Amazon in a very authentic way - that's why you can also find a Survival Tour in the Amazon with us), Bahia, Foz do Iguaçu and other parts of Brazil of which I am also totally fascinated with. We have also put together completely new tours ourselves.
We would be very happy to introduce you to our little paradise and this great country with full enthusiasm...
Grande abraço,
Nicki († 05.06.2009)