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Adventure Travel in Brazil

Are you looking for thrilling experiences during your stay in Brazil? Then our Brazil adventure tours are just right for you! Explore Brazil's impressive natural wonders, such as the Amazon Rainforest or the Pantanal; discover big cities, such as Rio de Janeiro; or enjoy some of the world's best surfing and kiteboarding at beautiful beaches, such as those in Jericoacoara or Itacare.

Below You Will Find Our Most Popular Adventure Tours in Brazil:

from USD 1175
5 Days of Nature and Beaches
Brazil | Lencois Maranhenses, Sao Luis

Visit one of the natural highlights of Brazil: the worldwide unique landscape of Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The wavy sand dunes spread like an endless bed sheet and give the region its name. This remote region between dunes and the ocean is home to indigenous villages and nature along rivers such as the spectacular Rio Preguicas.

from USD 1565
7 Days of Sightseeing, Culture, and Nature
Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, Paraty

If you would like to get to know many facets of Brazil within a few days, you do not have to travel far. In the state of Rio de Janeiro the most famous sights of the country are waiting for you. Not only are there famous structures and monuments in this tropical metropolis, but colonial buildings, art, culture, the Atlantic Rainforest, beaches, and fjords also unite here. Let yourself be enchanted by these absolute must-see landmarks of Rio de Janeiro.

9 Days of Culture, Beach, and Nature
Brazil | Salvador, Cachoeira, Itacare, Ilheus

On this nine-day journey of self-discovery you will experience the state of Bahia in its most varied forms. In a rental car you will travel along the Cocoa and Dende coast from Salvador to Itacare. On the way you will discover paradise-like beaches, colonial towns, mangroves, and the Atlantic Rainforest. Active travelers in particular will get their money's worth with various outdoor activities during this tour. Bahia is considered the cultural center of Brazil and impresses all with its Afro-Brazilian traditions in gastronomy and music.

2 to 6 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon

Juma Amazon Lodge is located 62 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Manaus, surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest. The lodge is built at the riverside in the middle of the Rainforest. The building and all services are following the rules of sustainability, in order to reduce the impact of tourism in the Amazon. The lodge offers a variety of day trips to the local natural and cultural sights, here you can experience the Rainforest and the Amazon river in all its beauty and diversity.

from USD 1875
12 Days Active Travel in a small group
Brazil | Amazon

Experience life in the mighty Amazon Rainforest on this survival tour for true adventurers. On this journey, you should not expect a fancy hotel with breakfast in bed, and definitely no Jacuzzi or SPA treatments. This adventure is about experiencing and exploring the Amazon jungle in its most authentic form. Your English-speaking guide will show you and teach you the techniques that are essential for survival in the rainforest, and then you will practice these new skills directly on site in the forest. The exact itinerary of the tour will always be adapted to the weather conditions and the water levels, and the various day trips will be either on foot or by canoe. The day trips are mostly routes from one base camp to another where participants have to carry all of their luggage, or they will start and end at the same camp.

7 Days of Beaches, Nature, and Adventure
Brazil | Sao Luis, Lencois Maranhenses, Jericoacoara, Fortaleza

Experience the breathtaking Road of Emotions (Rota das Emocoes). From Sao Luis you will drive through the dunes of Lencois Maranhenses National Park, cross the Delta das Americas by boat, and follow the coast line in a 4x4 beach buggy until you reach the vital beach village of Jericoacoara. Be prepared for freshwater pools in the desert, wonderful sunsets over the dunes and the ocean, and emotional moments in a mesmerizing landscape.

6 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon

This package is for adventurous travelers who will be taking part in all activities. The adventure will begin at the Amazon Turtle Lodge in a motorized canoe with your English-speaking guide. During the survival tour you will bring some food along and have to build your own shelter using wood, twigs, and straw. The activities take place in a region that has an ecosystem of lowlands (varzea), highlands (terra firme), flooded forest (igapo), and small channels (igarapes) that are perfect for paddling in canoes and observing wildlife.

4 Days of Adventure, Nature, and Snorkeling
Brazil | Bonito

During this 4-day trip to Bonito you will experience this natural paradise at its finest. You will snorkel in crystal clear rivers embedded into a wonderful landscape, visit a subterranean blue lagoon inside a cave, and go on a nature hike to observe the beautiful red macaw. Through the whole trip you will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide who is specialized in this area of Brazil.

Are you already in the mood for exciting and thrilling experiences in Brazil? Then please contact us directly for a non-binding offer for your trip. One of our specialized travel consultants will get in touch with you and will be happy to collaborate with you on a tailor-made itinerary for your adventure tour.

Organization of Your Adventure Tour in Brazil

On our Brazil adventure tours, you will have the opportunity to explore this diverse and fascinating country. Your travel consultant will curate an attractive program for you, which can be as active and adventurous as you want it to be. We organize everything: flights, transfers, hotels and excursions, so you don’t have to worry about anything on site and can enjoy your trip to the fullest.
Your English-speaking guide will greet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. During the transfer, your guide will give you insider tips so you can make the most of your stay.
Your guide will be on hand throughout your stay to answer questions and solve any problems, but your travel consultant will also be available 24 hours a day on our emergency contact number. In addition to active experiences, contact with locals is also part of our program. We believe this brings our guests closer to authentic Brazilian life. For example, we visit cocoa fazendas in Bahia or cassava plantations in the Amazon to get a better impression of the diverse lifestyles of the people in Brazil.

Special Ideas for Your Adventurous Vacation in Brazil

Our Travel by Land tours offer unique and adventurous experiences. These tours are regionally limited so all longer distances can be covered by overland buses, trains, shuttle transfers, and boats — meaning no domestic flights are necessary.

Another insider tip for an adventurous tour is our road trip from Salvador to Ilheus in the colorful state of Bahia. We offer a varied itinerary with rafting, hiking, and culinary delights in the Afro-Brazilian and cultural heart of Brazil.

The Rota das Emocoes (Route of Emotions) is also at the top of our list. On one of the most impressive routes in Brazil, you will travel by boat, 4x4-vehicle, and beach buggy from Sao Luis to Jericoacoara. You will explore the famous Lencois Maranhenses desert, a spectacular dune landscape with freshwater pools for a refreshing dip. Finally, on a boat trip across the Delta of the Americas, you will discover unique nature and deserted beaches, and with luck spot a colony of Red Ibises at sunset.

FAQs about Adventure Travel in Brazil:

What makes an adventure tour to Brazil special?

On our adventure tours we want to show our guests an authentic picture of Brazil and its inhabitants. These tours are also off the beaten track — a world away from the usual routes and sights. These tours can be as active as you want, but of course they can also just be experience-oriented, for example having lunch with a Brazilian family or going on a historical city tour.

What is the difference between adventure and active travel?

We distinguish between these two types of travel as follows: active tours are always adventure tours, but an adventure tour does not necessarily include sporting activities such as hiking or kayaking.

Which regions are suitable for adventure tours?

Almost all parts of Brazil offer opportunities for adventure travel. But we find Amazonas, with its variety of exciting excursions; the state of Bahia, with its combination of nature and culture; the green Costa Verde near Rio de Janeiro; and Florianopolis in southern Brazil, with its unique island location, particularly suitable for an adventurous vacation in Brazil.

Which months are best for adventure travel in Brazil?

The climate in Brazil varies greatly by region and season, so travelers should ensure they choose a suitable place and time for their preferred weather and activities. We provide some information about climate and best travel times on our climate pages.
You should also bear in mind that high-season between New Year's Eve and Carnival in the Brazilian summer, and the last two weeks of July in the Brazilian winter are popular, and therefore more expensive, months for travel.

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