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A vacationer takes a joyful leap at Guarajuba beach.


Enjoy Life the Brazilian Way

Brazilians know how to live the right way: enjoying life and not dwelling too much on outside worries. Find out more about Brazilian lifestyle here.

You are traveling in Rio de Janeiro and feel like a shopping tour through the fascinating metropolis? We know the best shopping opportunities and present in this article the most interesting spots for shopping. There surely is something for every taste. So, let's go shopping in Rio!

No one has to be a professional travel blogger or photographer to take great snaps on Brazil vacation! The diverse country makes it incredibly easy because the selection of impressive motifs is huge. They are presented to you so beautifully that you often only have to press the shutter button. Here are the best insider tips for your best #aventuramoment in Brazil!

One meat that you find on every barbecue in Brazil is picanha, the tail piece of beef. While in other countries the characteristic fat cover is removed, in Brazil it remains. Whether you prepare it yourself or eat it at a barbecue restaurant, when you love good meat, you shouldn't miss picanha on your trip to Brazil!

You can hear them in the supermarket, on the streets, or when going out in the evening. It is impossible to avoid the harsh, tinny tones of funk in Brazil. They are everywhere. But not only in Brazil, the music has reached the rest of the world and is deep-seated in the international musical mainstream.

You were lying on the beach all day long and soaking up the Brazilian sun? What could be better than a delicious ice cream? If you have a hankering for this iced dessert while in Brazil, you should be on the lookout for a sorveteria, a Brazilian “ice-cream parlor”. Today, we introduce you to this great concept.

Would you like to get around by public transportation in Brazil? In Florianópolis no problem at all! But don't look for trains or a metro. They don’t exist in the city, like almost everywhere in Brazil. Instead, Florianópolis has a well-developed bus network that works reliably. In our article, we introduce it to you.

Brazilian Luana and her German partner Mathias are the founders of the German-Brazilian company brasil heroe. In their online store, the two sell high-quality beanbags made of fabric and leather, which are developed and manufactured by Luana's family members in São Paulo, because family comes in first place in Brazil.

The diplomatic relationship between Brazil and Germany began in 1871, when the first great wave of German immigrants arrived. In the south of Brazil, many German influences can still be seen today. When Brazilians have German roots they are very proud of it and like to tell about their ancestors. Overall, it can be said that Germany enjoys a high recognition in Brazil.

If you plan your trip to Brazil in the middle of June, you will be able to experience this event. Unlike in the US, Valentine's Day in Brazil is celebrated in June and not on February 14. This is because the world famous carnival takes place in the country in February and the two holidays are not meant to collide.

While our team mainly consists of Germans who have emigrated to Brazil, we would like to introduce you to the other side. There are also some Brazilians living in Germany who left their home country behind to start a new life. Two of them are Júlia (30) and Alex (23), which give us an interesting inside.