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A vacationer takes a joyful leap at Guarajuba beach.


Enjoy Life the Brazilian Way

Brazilians know how to live the right way: enjoying life and not dwelling too much on outside worries. Find out more about Brazilian lifestyle here.

Brazil is often associated with rice, beans, and meat, but vegan and vegetarian diets play a considerable role. Most vegetarians or vegans live in the southeastern half of Brazil, especially in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba. On a Brazil trip, it's no problem to eat meat-free or no animal products at all.

Corona put a spoke in the wheel of many people, including our intern. Instead of traveling to Brazil and starting her internship on-site, she worked from home in Germany, over 5,592.00 miles away. In this blog article, she tells us how she organized her everyday life as an intern and how she came to love Brazil!

Anyone who has ever stood on a surfboard knows the feeling: fleeting seconds of pure joie de vivre, and freedom, and energy surge through the veins. It is clear that the relaxed Brazilians do not miss this magical moment. You too, can take a trial surf lesson on your Brazil trip all year round!

For the small hunger during a city tour or an expedition through the Amazon Rainforest, we would have some delicious suggestions from Brazilian cuisine. Read in our new blog article and discover which are the four most popular Brazilian snacks besides Pão de Queijo. Get inspired and read on!

Have you ever thought about a Brazil vacation, but then decided on a closer destination? Or maybe your travel companion still needs to be convinced about the destination? That shouldn't be a problem, because there are plenty of reasons to travel to Brazil. Let us show you the best reasons to plan your trip to Brazil!

Many fruits are practically only found in the Amazon region of Brazil. Due to their high content of vitamins and trace elements, some are already known worldwide as superfruits or superfoods. But also well-known top chefs have discovered the rarities that we present today for themselves.

The plants of the Cerrado generally grow at a rather slow pace and are sensitive to external influences, and it is not very often that supply chains are established to distribute them throughout the country. Therefore, when travelers in Brazil see them in a market stall or a street market, they should take advantage of this intense taste experience and experiment a healthy snack. Get to know some of these fruits in this article!

Whether with goiabada, white chocolate, lemon, Nutella or as a filling for a cake. There are countless variations of the popular Brazilian dessert. Originally, the brigadeiro was a tool in the Brazilian election campaign for the presidency. Today, it is one of the most popular desserts in Brazil and also among Brazil travelers.

White sandy beaches, bustling metropolises, and dancing the nights away to hot samba rhythms with a caipirinha in your hand. This is how most people imagine the Brazilian way of life. But there is so much more that we can learn from the Brazilians and their positive attitude to life.

A little bit of Brazil for everyday life? With these products, you can bring Brazil home.