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Active Travel in Brazil

Discover our exciting active tours through Brazil. On these tours you will have the opportunity to unveil the unique diversity of Brazil in an active way. Among our active options you will find classic hiking and trekking tours, but also adventure and survival tours. We also offer multi-activity trips, where you can combine different sports such as kayaking and ziplining, among others.

Below You Will Find Our Most Popular Active Tours and Packages in Brazil:

7 Days of Culture, Hiking, and Beaches
Brazil | Salvador da Bahia, Chapada Diamantina, Praia do Forte

This journey will expose you to the wide diversity of Bahia: the famous historical center of Salvador, adventurous tours in Chapada Diamantina National Park, and palm-lined dream beaches. Colorful little streets, waterfalls, caves, table mountains, tropical culinary specialties, and much more await you on this tour to the most beautiful places in Bahia.

from EUR 1460
12 Days Active Travel in a small group
Brazil | Amazon

Life in and with the Amazon jungle - this Survival tour is for true adventurers. On this tour, we offer you no hotel with breakfast in the bed, Jacuzzi or palm beach. It is about to experience and discover the forest in its true authenticity. On this tour, your guide will show you various survival techniques, so that you get a sense of how you could survive in the jungle.The exact sequence of the tour is always adapted to the weather conditions and the water level. The various day trips are completed accordingly, either on foot or in canoes. The day trips are to some extent routes from A to B and on the other part star excursions from/to the basic camp. And that is awaiting you in the amazon Rainforest: - Orientation in unknown areas of the Amazon: How can I walk across unknown rainforest territory? How can I walk through the rainforest? - Life with the Flora and Fauna of the rainforest: Contact with wild and poisonous animals, the food the jungle has to offer; the preparation and preservation of food and the use of medicinal plants. - Staying overnight in the rainforest: How to start a fire without matches or a lighter; constructing a sleep place in the open air preventing wild animals.

Planning and Organization of Your Active Trip in Brazil

If you are interested in an active and adventurous trip to Brazil, you will find preliminary information, as well as an overview of our travel offers, on this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for a personal, non-binding consultation and/or to receive your tailor-made travel itinerary.

We are happy to contact you by phone or email (as preferred) to provide you with more information about our tour options in Brazil or to discuss how we can adapt our tours to meet your individual needs.
To guarantee a safe and carefree journey from the moment you land in Brazil, our tours always include airport transfers, the accommodation of your choice, and a variety of day trips and excursions to suit your travel style.

In Which Regions Can I Do Active Tours in Brazil?

Most areas in Brazil are suitable for active tours, but some regions are particularly popular, such as the Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia. Impressive landscapes, overwhelming waterfalls, clear rivers, spectacular caves, and unique views are all guaranteed.
Costa Verde with its picturesque colonial town of Paraty and Ilha Grande with its wonderful beaches are also great destinations. Snorkeling with turtles, stand-up paddling, or hiking in the Atlantic Forest are just some of the many activities that await you here.
Our insider recommendations for active tours in Brazil are Florianopolis in the South and Chapada dos Veadeiros near Brasilia. Florianopolis inspires many with its unique geography. The Atlantic Forest, cliffs, dunes, lagoons, waterfalls, open sea, and miles of beautiful beaches provide many options for your stay.
In Chapada dos Veadeiros, many options for outdoor activities amid a unique and colorful landscape are available to you.

What Activities Are Available for an Active Vacation in Brazil?

Among the most popular activities are trekking and hiking, but kayaking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, biking, snorkeling, sandboarding, canyoning, and much more are also possible. The most important factor is that you thoroughly enjoy exercise and outdoor sports in general.

What Is the Best Time to Travel to Brazil?

Active tours in Brazil are possible year round, but the climate varies from region to region. Therefore, we recommend that you take a moment to learn a little about the climate of your destination before booking. Feel free to ask us. Especially for trips with longer walking distances, it is advisable to choose months that are cooler and as dry as possible.

Information about ideal times to travel to Brazil can be found here.

Requirements and Safety

As with almost all outdoor activities, there is a slight risk of injury, frequently caused by inattentiveness due to fatigue or even overexertion. All of our guides are trained to mitigate this risk and to adjust walking speed accordingly.
Please check the tour descriptions to determine if the physical requirements are suitable for you, and remember that temperatures and humidity in Brazil are well above the North American and Central European average in many months of the year.

Packing List for Your Active Tour in Brazil

What to bring depends on the region, season and activity. For most seasons and parts of the country we recommend light and comfortable clothing. Some warmer clothing should always be packed in your carry-on luggage, as air conditioning on flights, transfers, and in restaurants can be quite chilling.
If you are traveling to higher altitudes in the country, like the mountains of Minas Gerais, Chapada Diamantina in Bahia or the South of Brazil, it can get cold and windy sometimes.
For day trips you should bring sun screen and insect repellant for the tropics, sunglasses, water bottle, a hat or cap, comfortable shoes, a rain jacket, and a small backpack. For more active tours, it is advisable to bring comfortable clothing and good hiking boots suitable for different types of terrain. For hikes in the rainforest, long pants are also recommended to protect your legs from plants and insects.
Our tip for active tours in the Pantanal and the Amazon: Avoid dark-colored clothes, as they attract mosquitoes!

FAQs about Active Tours in Brazil

Which regions are suitable for active tours in Brazil?

You can embark on an active tour in almost all regions in Brazil. Especially for hiking tours, however, it is advisable to have a local guide with you, as the paths are usually not clearly marked and do not have cell phone signal.

Which climatic particularities have to be considered?

In many parts of Brazil it is considerably warmer than in North America and Central Europe and the humidity during the summer is much higher. In the South of Brazil or in higher-altitude locations it can become considerably cooler, but the solar rays should never be underestimated.

How to reduce risks during your active trip to Brazil?

Most of the hikes should only be done with a local tour guide, in order to receive immediate assistance in case of injury.
If you like water sports, be sure to acquire reliable information about the ocean and climate of your particular destination.

What to bring for hiking tours in Brazil?

We recommend comfortable sturdy hiking boots, which allow for better grip on slippery surfaces and ankle protection. Long pants are also useful, as they protect the legs from scratches and insects. For every hike in Brazil you should bring plenty of water, sun screen (SPF of 50 or higher), a cap or hat, and insect repellent for the tropics.

What activities are feasible in Brazil?

In Brazil you will find a lot of possibilities for hiking or longer trekking tours in many regions. However, as the paths are usually not well marked, it is highly recommended to be accompanied by a local guide.
Further options for active tours in Brazil feature are all kinds of water sports, such as windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, stand-up paddling or kayaking.
Horseback riding and mountain biking are also good options, as well as multi-activity adventure tours, such as kayaking, rappelling, canyoning, or white water rafting.

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