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Experience an Enthralling Cruise in Brazil

January 01, 2021
Sun deck on an Amazon cruise ship

A trip to Brazil often leads to the country's highlights, such as the world-famous Statue of Christ, the impressive Iguaçu waterfalls, the unique Amazon Rainforest or the numerous sandy beaches along the 7,491-kilometer coastline. Most people cover the distances between the various sights by plane or rental car. Have you ever thought about spending a part of your vacation on a ship instead of in a hotel?

Our cruises show you completely new sides of Brazil. A great advantage is that you will experience a lot and discover new places in a short time. You can sit comfortably on the deck of your ship, let the new scenery pass you by and look forward to exciting excursions without the stress of planning.

Our cruises in Brazil

Our Brazil cruises take you to the Amazon and the Pantanal. There you will have the chance to discover the unique and impressive nature during the cruise.

Usually, we organize the cruises in Brazil in such a way, that you don't have to take care of anything, but can enjoy your stay to the fullest. On board the ship you can expect full board and an exciting excursion program like rainforest hikes, canoe tours or jaguar safaris accompanied by experienced guides.

It is recommended to plan cruises in the Amazon between December and August. Thanks to the high water level, it is possible to go deeper into the flooded areas of the rainforest with the dinghies. In the Pantanal, on the other hand, the months from May to October are the best time to travel, since at this time of year the chances are very good to observe jaguars in their natural habitat.

But how do you decide on the right cruise? Our cruises vary in length, individuality and comfort and are offered on different cruise ships.
You can enjoy the Amazon for 3 to 8 days on a typical Amazon boat or on a cruise ship. You will be offered an exciting and varied excursion program on all ships.
In the Pantanal you can choose between the yacht Millennium or the cruise ship Minas do Pantanal. On both cruises, you will have the opportunity to get to know the nature of the Pantanal better and to observe jaguars.

Highlights on our cruises

One of the highlights of our cruises is definitely the breathtaking natural scenery that you will see every day. On the Amazon & Negro River Cruise, you will discover the animals and plants of the Amazon and learn more about the life and culture of the local people. Along the way, the locals, who are descendants of the indigenous people, will share their knowledge of the Amazon with you and give you insights into the preparation of cassava flour. At night, you will explore the riverbank with the help of headlamps to track caimans. If you are lucky, you may see nighthawks, snakes, sloths and frogs. In the coming days, there will be more exciting experiences like piranha fishing, exploring Anavilhanas National Park and the flora and fauna of the Amazon. A great experience is the "Meeting of the Waters" of the Rio Negro and the Amazon, when the bright waters of the Amazon mix with the dark waters of the Rio Negro. You will also get a glimpse of the floating docks and the market in Manaus, the metropolis in the jungle.

In the Pantanal, far from civilization, expeditions with animal observations are on the daily program. The private charter expedition cruise in the North Pantanal is perfect for this. In Cáceres, you will check into your cabin and get acquainted with the ship. Daily excursions will be made to observe the jaguars in their natural habitat. But there is much more to see in the Pantanal such as giant otters, tapirs, monkeys, caimans and numerous bird species. Passing by the bays of Uberaba and Gaíva, both of which are longer than 30 kilometers, you can often admire giant sea lilies. A visit to the archaeological sites of Ponta do Morro and Caracara is also part of the program. A special highlight is the boat safari in the park "Meeting of the Waters", which is located above Porto Jofre, the endpoint of the famous Transpantaneira. There, three rivers form a labyrinth of waterways, on whose sandbanks jaguars can often be observed.

Well, have you already caught the cruise fever? Now you just have to decide which cruise to take during your next Brazil vacation.

Source: Aventura do Brasil