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Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguazu, Amazonas, Imbassai: 13 Days Round Trip - Highlights Brazil
Highlights Brazil 13 Days Round Trip

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Highlights Brazil 13 Days Round Trip Brazil | Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguazu, Amazonas, Imbassai

Discover Rio de Janeiro, the fascinating city at the foot of the Sugarloaf Mountain. Visit the world's most beautiful waterfalls in Foz do Iguazu, from both the Brazilian and the Argentinian side. Experience the Amazon Rainforest up close and relax on the dream beach of Imbassai.


  • Explore the Sugarloaf and the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro
  • Relax at the world famous beaches Copacabana and Ipanema
  • Hike along the waterfalls in Foz do Iguazu, both on the Brazilian and the Argentinian side
  • Boat trips and hikes in the Amazon region
  • Excursions in Manaus, the former rubber metropolis
  • The trip ends on the kilometer-long sandy beach in Imbassai, lined with coconut palms


Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular cities in the world. Sing along and get carried away by the Brazilian rhythm of the metropolis. Get to know the culture and history of this fascinating city. Our guide will meet you at the airport. On the way to the hotel, he gives you this first advice for your stay in Rio de Janeiro.
Accommodation: Hotel Atlantis Copacabana | Meals: None

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro - Corcovado by train & Rios Beaches (Half Day Tour)

Christ the Redeemer on the Corcovado,located on a mountain top at an altitude of 710m, is certainly one of the most admired and visited monuments in the world. The trip to the Corcovado starts in the Cosme Velho district in a cozy cogwheel railway, whose way to the statue is surrounded of breathtaking beauty and offers a great view of the city. Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Jardim Botanico, the jockey club, the lagoon - all Rio de Janeiro spreads out in full glory before your eyes. Above all, watch the Christian tradition and bless the city, its inhabitants and its guests from the Corcovado.
Accommodation: Hotel Atlantis Copacabana | Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Rio de Janeiro - Sugarloaf and Rio's Old Town (half-day tour)

The Sugarloaf, together with the Corcovado, is one of the two most beautiful and best-situated vantage points in Rio, due to its not so insignificant height and extraordinary appearance. The famous picture postcard can be reached by cable car. First stop is Morro da Urca. There you go to the second cable car, which leads to the final destination. From the Sugarloaf, you can see various beaches in Rio and Niteroi, as well as the Mata Atlantica - the Atlantic Rainforest along the coast as well as some historical buildings, such as Santa Cruz Fortress and Ilha Fiscal, the former customs island. The tour continues with a detour in Rio's past. Get to know a part of Rio's royal history.
Accommodation: Hotel Atlantis Copacabana | Meals: Breakfast

Day 4: Continuing trip to Foz do Iguacu and the Brazilian side

After breakfast, your Portuguese-speaking driver will transfer you to the airport in Rio. At the airport in Foz do Iguazu, your guide will be waiting for you and will take you directly to the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. Neither words nor pictures do justice to the falls. You have to see and hear them! For a thousand years, the falls were a sacred burial site for the tribes of the Tupi Guaraní and the Paraguas before the white man discovered them. The area includes one of the best-preserved virgin forests in the country, rich in bromeliads, orchids, cedars and Araucaria. With a bit of luck you can also see sparrows, woodpeckers, owls and herons, as well as mammals like monkeys, tapirs and otters in the national park of Iguazu. On the Brazilian side, there is a small hiking trail of about 1 km with several beautiful views of the waterfalls. At the end of the trail you will find the "Devil's Throat" and the most impressive part of the waterfalls. The tour ends with the upper part of the Iguazu Falls, which is accessible by a panoramic elevator. Then your guide will take you to your hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel Wyndham Golden Foz Suites Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Foz do Iguazu - The Argentine side of the waterfalls

After breakfast, you will set off with your guide to the Argentinian side of the falls. There you have the opportunity to get closer to the falls. There are several paths: an upper tour (about 50 minutes), a lower tour (about 1 hour), a path to the island "San Martin" and the impressive "Devil's Throat". After the tour, you go back to the hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel Wyndham Golden Foz Suites Meals: Breakfast

Day 6: Continuing trip to Manaus

Your guide will take you to the airport in Foz and you will continue to Manaus - your entrance to Amazonas. Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas and is located on the Rio Negro River, eleven kilometers from the mouth of the Amazon river. In the period between 1870 and 1910, the city was known for its rubber boom, as the region was the only supplier of rubber for a long time. Today Manaus is not known for rubbers, but rather because of the theater and as a starting point for trips to the Amazon Rainforest. Your English speaking driver will be waiting for you at the airport and take you to your hotel. 
Accommodation: Hotel St. Paul | Meals: Breakfast (*)
(*) Depending on the flight time, breakfast may not be served in the hotel on the 6th day

Day 7: Amazonas area - Arrival to the Turtle Lodge and boat excursion for animal watching 

Inaugurated in December 2010, Turtle Lodge is located in the region of the Mamori River on the shores of Turtle Lakes, about 80km southeast of Manaus and is ideal for people who want to discover the original Amazonas. Here you can experience the people and life in the Amazonas up close. The concept of the lodge is especially designed for sustainable tourism. Our journey towards the Ceasa River begins at about 7:30 am. After a twenty-minute drive, we will get on a speedboat: our first destination is the village Careiro da Varzea. On the way, you can see how the two rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet. This is where the Amazon River starts and then flows into the Atlantic Ocean. After a stay in Careiro de Varzea, we take the minibus on the Manaus-Porto Velho Highway. Here, with a bit of luck, we also have the opportunity to see the large water lilies (Vitoria Regia) with their enormous floating leaves. Then we go back into the boat and continue along the Mamori River, where we will not only pass small villages and quiet coves, but with some luck, we will also see native animals such as monkeys, sloths and caimans. Just in time for lunch, we arrive at the Turtle Lodge. After strengthening, we will explore the region again by boat. With some luck, we will see monkeys, sloths, iguanas, fresh water dolphins, spiders and various species of birds. Dinner will be served again at Turtle Lodge.
Accommodation: Amazon Turtle Lodge / Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

A few details to make your trip to the Amazon unforgettable: Please bring insect repellent, sunglasses, flashlight, hat or cap, comfortable clothes, a small backpack for day trips, sneakers, sandals and a raincoat. Avoid black clothes, as these attract mosquitoes. Camouflage clothing is best suited for animal watching. You can safely store some of the luggage in Manaus in the local office. You should not bring more than 10kg per person to the lodge.

You can visit Amazonas all year round. It should however be noted that the water level between October to December may be so low that the smaller branches of the rivers cannot be navigated.

Other lodge visitors can take part of the transfers and day trips at Turtle Lodge. However, this does not have to be the case. Transfers to / from Manaus and Turtle Lodge are with English speaking drivers.

Day 8: Amazonas area - Sunrise tour, piranha fishing and night expedition

The day begins early in the morning. If the weather conditions allow, we can experience the Amazonas region and its inhabitants at Sunrise. With some luck, we will see some morning active animals on this occasion. After a lunch in the restaurant of the lodge, we now embark on Survival jungle tour. Our experienced guide will explain not only the flora and fauna of the region, but also shows us how to survive in the jungle and describes various techniques for food and water search. After lunch, it is time to go fishing piranhas. When fishing with a simple bamboo rod you get to try the real fishing experience. While we are looking for great fishing spots, you can observe the wonderful environment. In the evening, you will once again try your ability to concentrate, while we watch for caimans in the water with a flashlight. The guide then tries to catch them with his bare hands. If you want, you can pet a cayman yourself.
Accommodation: Amazon Turtle Lodge / Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 9: Amazonas area - Life in Amazonas and return to Manaus

Around 8:00, we visit the house of a local family (Caboclos) to learn more about their lives and about the culture of the people living here. On the way back, we stop at a cassava plantation. The cassava is a basic part of the local diet, usually in combination with rice and beans or fish. In addition, we learn how to make flour from the cassava. Lunch will be served at Turtle Lodge. Then, at around 17:00 we will take you to the hotel in Manaus.
Accommodation: Hotel St. Paul / Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Day 10 - 13: Continuing trip to Imbassai via Salvador

Your English-speaking driver will take you to the airport in Manaus. From here, we continue to Imbassai as part of a small group trip. However, you can optionally leave the group in Manaus and continue your journey with a Pantanal travel package. At the airport in Salvador, your guide will be waiting for you and will take you to Imbassai, located about one hour north of Salvador. The trip goes along the palm-lined coconut coast. The beach stretches for several kilometers and invites to walks on the beach. On the beach, there are smaller bars, where drinks and small snacks are served. In the center of Imbassai, there are various restaurants where you can eat dinner. Enjoy your trip on this kilometer-long dream beach and think of the experiences of the last days. On the 13th day, we say good-bye to Brazil, and your Portuguese-speaking driver takes you to the airport in Salvador.
Accommodation: Pousada Capitu / Meals: 4x breakfast (dates in 2017)
Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai / Meals: 4x breakfast (dates in 2016)

Included Services

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, with English;speaking guide
  • 3x overnights incl. Breakfast at Hotel Atlantis Copacabana, or similar accommodation
  • 1 full-day excursion to the Sugarloaf and Corcovado by train, with English;speaking guide (dates in 2016)
  • 2 half-day trips to the Sugarloaf and Corcovado by train with English-speaking guide (dates in 2017)
  • Transfer to the airport, with Portuguese speaking driver

Foz do Iguazu:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, with English-speaking guide
  • 2x overnights incl. Breakfast at Hotel Wyndham Golden Foz Suites, or similar accommodation. Depending on the flight time, breakfast may not be served in the hotel on the 6th day
  • Visit of the national park on the Brazilian side (approx. 3 h) with English-speaking guide, directly from the airport
  • Visit of the National Park on the Argentinian side (approx. 5 h) with English-speaking guide
  • National park fees
  • Transfer to the airport, with English-speaking guide

Manaus / Amazon area:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, with English speaking driver
  • 1x overnight incl. Breakfast in hotel St. Paul, or similar accommodation
  • Transfer from hotel St. Paul, with English speaking driver
  • 2x overnights incl. full board in Turtle Lodge (drinks are not included)
  • Daily trips and excursions such as animal watching, jungle hiking, sunrise tour, night safari, piranha fishing, visit a local village, with English-speaking guide
  • Transfer to hotel St. Paul, with English-speaking driver
  • 1x overnight incl. Breakfast in hotel St. Paul, or similar accommodation
  • Transfer to the airport, with English-speaking driver


  • Transfer from the airport in Salvador to the Pousada in Imbassai, with English-speaking guide
  • 3x nights incl. Breakfast at the Pousada Capitu (2017 dates) or Pousada Canto de Imbassai (2016 dates)
  • Transfer to the airport, with Portuguese speaking driver

Services not Included

  • We would also be pleased to make you a non-binding offer for both long-haul and domestic flights
  • Drinks are not included. Meals not listed are not included in the price.
  • Optional excursions
  • Single room supplement

Depending on the booked flights, it may be that one or more airport transfers are not made together with the entire group.


More information about the trip:

Type of trip: group trip from 4 participants - max. 10 participants

On request, we can also plan this as a private trip for you. Just let us know your desired date.

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