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All in all, we were absolutely astonished how well the many transfers were organized and how it all fit in. - Silke

August 28, 2019

We had a very good time...

Hi Lars,

Everything is all right with us, the return to everyday life always goes surprisingly fast.
We had a very nice trip and everything went well. Enclosed I have listed some points worth mentioning:

- The guide in Rio (Karla) was very experienced and helpful. We have seen and experienced a lot with her, which we could not have done on our own. The hotel is very good located and was great in many ways, especially the breakfast and the roof terrace.
- The highlight at the Turtle Lodge was our guide Eduardo, who was very entertaining and knew a lot. The Turtle Lodge was also good, the people were very nice and the food was great.
- I would have liked to see more of Manaus. As we arrived in the evening, we had little time to explore the city and we missed the guided tour of the opera house, but we were lucky to see a free ballet performance.
- In São Luis I also wanted to see more of the city. Our guide Andrés knew a lot and focused strongly on history and culture. That was okay, but by the end we did not have time left to explore the old part of town by daylight.
- On the Rota das Emoções we went with our guide Mikhail and had a very good time with him. From the hotels we have been, the Vila Parnaíba and the Pousada Bella Jeri were especially nice.
- The transfers all went well. In São Luis nobody waited for us at the airport, but after we called the emergency phone number our driver came right away.

All in all, we were absolutely thrilled how well the many transfers were organized and how the logistic worked perfectly.
From the travel planning I would plan less arrival days in retrospect. Especially the Rota das Emoções was very tight planned and we spent a lot of time just driving. That is of course part of the experience, but at some point I was tired.

Those were our impressions. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Many greetings from cold Germany,

Silke has booked a stay at the Turtle Lodge in the Amazon.

Source: Aventura do Brasil