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Belo Horizonte - Brazil's Role Model in Sustainability

April 12, 2014
Park with a fountain in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte as a sustainable metropolis

The keyword "sustainability" is a permanent topic that Brazilians are also dealing with. Particularly in Brazil's metropolises, alternative concepts are increasingly being explored.
If your Brazil trip takes you to the state of Minas Gerais, you will experience sustainable urban design, especially in its capital Belo Horizonte.

Already in 2014, the metropolis participated in the international project "Earth Hour City Challenge" of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The cities participating in the project present their innovative measures that they are integrating into everyday life to promote climate protection. Finally, an international jury evaluates the applied concepts. These may include sustainable housing, environmentally-friendly transportation, or the generation of green energy. The projects implemented are intended to show approaches to a way of life that avoids the exhaustion of ecological capacities. The city of Belo Horizonte is a pioneer in Brazil in terms of integrating sustainable concepts in a large city.

The city with the green thumb

Belo Horizonte also bears the nickname "The Garden City". The vivid green areas justify this name. Per inhabitant, Belo Horizonte counts 18 square meters of green space. The 73 city parks and over 700 public spaces provide enough opportunities to take a break from the hectic city.
By creating special ecological reserves in the middle of the city, the green areas and the nature-friendly ambiance are to be maintained.

Making the most of the sunshine hours: Belo Horizonte as solar headquarters

In terms of alternative energy supply, Belo Horizonte sets a good example. The city is not only known as "The Garden City", but is also known as the "solar headquarters" of Brazil. In the Mineirão soccer stadium, for example, the existing capacities are used, so that the roof of the stadium is covered with 6,000 solar modules. The energy generated is sufficient to supply the stadium and to transmit excess energy to other locations.
Belo Horizonte is also the only city in Brazil where all the traffic lights distributed throughout the city are powered by LED lamps. This measure is also intended to reduce energy consumption.
Brazil's flagship city in terms of integrating sustainable concepts is constantly striving to develop new solutions. Belo Horizonte serves as a model for other metropolises and proves that living in the city and responsibility for our environment are compatible.

On the runway - explore Minas Gerais in a rental car

Belo Horizonte is just one of the cities that make a visit to the beautiful Minas Gerais worthwhile. The best way to discover your new favorite places is to take an extensive tour of the green state. On the rental car trip from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte, you can make several stops during the 5-day trip and get to know interesting cities. From Rio de Janeiro your way leads you further inland. Now nothing stands in the way of exploring former imperial cities and places with baroque charm.
Pass the historical city of Tiradentes and marvel at the evidence of the Brazilian baroque. In Ouro Preto, you will discover architectural treasures, which are mainly due to the colonial period. The baroque old town of Ouro Preto was declared a UNESCO world heritage site decades ago. The small towns in the surrounding area are also worth a detour, and the historical places in the middle of the beautiful landscapes will soon win your heart.
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Source: Aventura do Brasil