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Brazil and the Popular Acai Delicacies

October 17, 2016
Acai berries in Belem

Acai - The miracle fruit from the Amazon region in Brazil

On your trip to Brazil, you will certainly come across this purple fruit, which is usually served in the form of ice cream. Little known and often only available in powder form, Acai in Brazil is what chocolate ice cream is in America in summer. With this article, we want to tell you about this popular delicacy, which you should definitely try, and give you an understanding of its origin and ingredients.
Acai (pronounced "Assaii") is the tropical fruit of the palm species with the beautiful Latin name "Euterpe oleracea". The special thing about this native fruit is that it belongs to the natural plant world of the Amazon region and therefore no pesticides have to be used. The actual Acai berries are about one to two centimeters in size and take on a dark purple to almost black color when ripe. Due to the continuous tropical climate, the berries can ripen and be harvested all year round.
For a long time, Acai was only known to the locals in Brazil, until its energizing effects were discovered by surfers. The berry is so rich in energy because, like olive oil, it contains a high proportion of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also has a lot of vegetable protein, which is just as rich in energy. Further, it contains many important nutrients, as for example:
Minerals, like calcium and magnesium, and many vitamins, like vitamin B and C.
Furthermore, the berry also has relatively low sugar content. It is said that many of the ingredients of the Acai berry contribute to health and well-being. The urge for activity increases and therefore unnecessary kilos can fall on your round trip. Another reason why açaí is becoming more and more popular worldwide is its high antioxidant effect. This is mainly due to the combination of the numerous health-promoting ingredients of the Acai berry.
In contrast to other countries, where Acai is declared as "Superfood" and is usually only available in a tablet or powder form or as juice, you will find it as an ordinary and fresh food in many places during your stay in Brazil. It is even a staple food there. Since the berries are very sensitive, it is virtually impossible to get them fresh outside the country.
During your trip, you will often encounter special cafés or direct sales stands where acai is offered, especially in the cities of Brazil. Most of the time you will have the possibility to customize your Acai in different sizes and consisting of several layers in combination with other fruits, cereals, or even chocolate. Another variation is the pulp, a large bowl in which the Acai ice cream is served and garnished with banana pieces and cereals.
The berry itself has a greasy, earthy, and sometimes nutty taste. Since it is usually served as ice cream and a little sweetened, the taste is rather fruity and fresh, at first perhaps somewhat unusual. We recommend that you try Acai yourself and decide on the exotic taste.
During your next vacation in Brazil, you should therefore not miss the opportunity to order a refreshing Acai.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil