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Brazil Travel Packages: Amazon

The state of Amazonas, with its capital of Manaus, is located in the North of Brazil. It is the largest state in terms of area with 618,000 square miles (1.6 million square kilometers) and has about 3 million inhabitants. Due to the strong influence of the equator, the Amazon region is dominated by tropical climate and abundant rainfall is distributed throughout the year. During the rainy season, which extends from January to June, the maximum amount of precipitation is registered. Temperatures reach a low of 72 °F (22 °C) and a high of 91 °F (33 °C) throughout the year and humidity is very high, often around 80%. The Amazon Basin occupies one-fifth of the South American continent and is home to the largest unified natural landscape in the world. Nature lovers and lovers of endless landscapes get their money's worth during their travels in the Amazon region. Unveil an abundance of flora, with over 18,000 species of trees, orchids and medicinal plants, among others. When traveling to Brazil, discover the Amazon and its rainforest in all its splendid detail, and let yourself be enchanted by the bountiful life and the unique, exotic world of the largest rainforest on earth.

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Below you will find our travel packages for the Amazon:

from USD 725
4 to 8 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon, Tefe

Uakari Lodge is about a one-hour flight west of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon region. The local airport in Tefe is 1.5 hours away from the Mamiraua Reserve, where Uakari Lodge is located. This last part of the transfer is made by boat.

from USD 1750
5 or 7 Days of Nature and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Amazon

Our expedition cruises on the motor yacht Tucano provide a unique insight into the breathtaking flora and fauna of the gigantic Amazon Rainforest. Our two packages of 5 or 7 days allow you to experience the wonderful Anavilhanas Archipelago and Rio Negro, north of Manaus. During daily small-group expeditions with an experienced English-speaking guide, you will explore Amazon, for example, on canoe tours, piranha fishing trips, rainforest walks, and visits to small Amazon villages.

3 to 6 Days of Nature and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | Amazon

On our river cruises, you can experience the beautiful Amazon region with its diverse animal and plant life. You can choose from three different routes: Rio Negro, Rio Amazonas (Rio Solimoes), or both. Each cruise offers different exciting excursions, such as boat expeditions, nature hikes, or visits to local communities. Another highlight is wildlife observation. With luck, you might be able to spot monkeys, dolphins, sloths, otters, caimans, and a wide variety of birds.

2 to 6 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon

Juma Amazon Lodge is located 62 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Manaus, surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest. The lodge is built at the riverside in the middle of the Rainforest. The building and all services are following the rules of sustainability, in order to reduce the impact of tourism in the Amazon. The lodge offers a variety of day trips to the local natural and cultural sights, here you can experience the Rainforest and the Amazon river in all its beauty and diversity.

3 to 6 Days of Luxury and Nature
Brazil | Amazon

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a small charming hotel that brings together nature and comfort in a subtle and harmonious fashion. The hotel prides itself on maintaining the design of the lodge based on the stunning nature and local culture of the Amazon. Guests can go on daily excursions into the Amazon Rainforest to discover this truly natural wonder during their stay.

6 Days of Nature and Adventure
Brazil | Amazon

This package is for adventurous travelers who will be taking part in all activities. The adventure will begin at the Amazon Turtle Lodge in a motorized canoe with your English-speaking guide. During the survival tour you will bring some food along and have to build your own shelter using wood, twigs, and straw. The activities take place in a region that has an ecosystem of lowlands (varzea), highlands (terra firme), flooded forest (igapo), and small channels (igarapes) that are perfect for paddling in canoes and observing wildlife.