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Feasting, enjoying, socializing

May 04, 2024
3 different snacks in a typical boteco

From a culinary perspective Brazil has a lot to offer and among other things is characterized by the unique concept of "Comida de boteco". Whether in the big city or in the countryside, "Comida de boteco" can be found everywhere. In this article, we take you on another culinary Brazil trip.

The world of botecos

The term "boteco" describes small Brazilian pubs and bars that specialized in selling homemade snacks and a variety of drinks. Even today, the small bars are often still part of the family business and play an important role in social life.

Botecos originated in the course of the 19th century with the establishment of Portuguese warehouses in Rio de Janeiro. Over time, the term has been adapted to refer to pubs and bars that offer informal and sociable eating and drinking. Originally they were rather simple and inconspicuous establishments in the port district, but they have developed into important meeting places for locals and workers. In a way it is a place of coming together.

Over time, the botecos gained popularity in society, which is why in many cases the infrastructure and the menu were expanded. Nowadays, they are not only popular with locals, but are also widely visited by tourists. The world of botecos is therefore a key feature of Brazilian conviviality and gastronomy.

The diverse cuisine of the botecos

Comida de boteco" are simple and easy to prepare starters. These are prepared andserved directly on site in the family run bars and pubs. In addition to its simplicity, another characteristic of "comida de boteco" is its low price. The vast majority of the snacks are deep fried, making them easy to eat by hand.

The fillings vary between beef, pork, chicken and also vegan or vegetarian options. The vegetarian filling is usually based on cheese. One of the classic boteco dishes is "torresmo", pork belly bacon in small pieces, crispy and deliciously deep fried. But "Frango à passarinho", small pieces of gratinated chicken or the Portuguese appetizer "Bolinho de bacalhau" are also popular. A cool beer or a refreshing caipirinha is the perfect accompaniment to these small snacks.

What is "Comida di buteco"?

In contrast to "Comida de boteco", the name "Comida di buteco" describes a national gastronomic contest in which many botecos from all over the country take part. The alignment of the spelling to "di" and "bu" is intended to emphasize the simplicity and authenticity of boteco food. The competition was founded in 2000 and is a symbol of good food, a democratic environment, authenticity and relaxation . Within the "Comida di buteco", various botecos from a city first compete against each other, before the best botecos in the country are chosen in the second stage. The aim of the competition is to preserve a part of Brazilian culture and maintain the authenticity of the botecos.

The competition takes place every year in April, the month of the the month of the botecos. The participating botecos are selected a year in advance and must then prepare and serve snacks on a given theme during the competition period. The public and an independent jury award the participating botecos a score from 1 to 10 for the four criteria: "snacks", "hygiene", "service" and "temperature/quality of the drink".

Anyone who wishes, can take part in the competition and cast their vote. You can find out more about the participating botecos on the official website , then select your favorites and visit them. After feasting and enjoying, you can then submit your vote.

What is so special about the "Comida de boteco"?

Unlike the culture of Spanish tapas, where people take their time to eat, the competition is more about hopping from bar to bar and trying as many different snacks as possible. Outside of the competition, botecos are used to sit together with others in your favorite bar, eat snacks and stay there as long as you like. Botecos are more than just places to eat and drink. They connect people from all kinds of backgrounds.

"Comida de boteco " is a celebration for all the senses, mainly for the mouth, but also for the eyes, ears and mind. Botecos have become a symbol of Brazil and Brazilian hospitality. Whether you are a gourmet, an adventurer or simply curious about Brazilian culture the variety of "comida de boteco" offers every palate a taste experience that you should definitely not miss out on during your next Brazil vacation.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil