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Sunset: The most Beautiful Spots of Brazil

November 13, 2020
Sunset in Morro de Sao Paulo

Sunset and the Golden Hour

To experience a sunset in peace and quiet is always a special moment. The shape of the clouds, a beautiful photo, spending time with friends while enjoying a drink, transform the moment of sunset into unforgettable memories. The time of the sunset can be beautiful anywhere, be it from our window, in the middle of traffic in big cities, at a beach paradise or during your Brazil trip.
Of course, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful sunset from home, but we all know that in some places it is even more magical. In many places in Brazil, it is possible to enjoy this natural spectacle. We have listed a few special places for you here. All you have to do is prepare the camera and you are ready to go!

Rio de Janeiro

Framed by mountains and tropical rainforests, Rio de Janeiro is a city with a unique silhouette. At sunset, Rio becomes even more beautiful! Visit the best beaches and viewpoints of the city to watch the sun go down. Our tip: Arpoador Beach. Arpoador Beach is located right next to the famous beach of Ipanema. During the day it is a surf spot of the Zona Sul (south zone of Rio) and in the evening it is a popular meeting point for sunset fans. When you look over the ocean, the sun sets next to the peak of Dois Irmãos and illuminates the surroundings in different shades of orange. After the last bit of sun has disappeared on the horizon, there always is applause, a long tradition to appreciate this natural wonder.

São Paulo

The metropolis of São Paulo with its endless skyline is also known as the New York of the southern hemisphere. The city may seem chaotic, but it offers its inhabitants enough tempting alternatives to the missing beach fun. On the Pôr-do-Sol square in the Alto de Pinheiros region, people from all over the city gather to enjoy the sunset. Many consider the square the point with the best view. This is certainly also because there are fewer buildings and the landscape is beautiful.

Fernando de Noronha

The island archipelago Fernando de Noronha is an incredible natural paradise, which will surely remain in your memory thanks to the landscape, the beautiful beaches and the unique underwater world. The sun sets on Fernando de Noronha on the beaches facing the mainland and immerses the unique landscape in beautiful colors. The best places to watch the sunset are the beaches of Conceição, Cacimba do Padre, Boldró and Forte São Pedro.

Amazon Rainforest

What do you think about a sunset in the rainforest? The Amazon Rainforest is known worldwide for its unique biodiversity. The landscape is already very impressive during the day. When the sky is colored in various shades of orange, you can enjoy a very special atmosphere. During the day, the best way to spend your time is with hiking through the rainforest, canoe trips, piranha fishing and wildlife watching. As an atmospheric way to end the day, you can marvel at sunset in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest.

Morro de São Paulo

The sunset in Morro de São Paulo is a must for those who visit one of the main islands of the Tinharé Archipelago in Bahia. There you can enjoy a beautiful sunset everywhere. On the walls of the Tapirandu Fortress, a real postcard motif, you can watch the sun disappear on the horizon. If you are lucky, you may see groups of dolphins returning from their oceanic journey to rest in the calm and protected waters of Tinharé.

Chapada Diamantina

Also in the interior of Bahia, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. In the past, the Chapada Diamantina National Park was known for its numerous diamond and gold discoveries. Today it is popular mainly because of its impressive nature. Here you can take a short break in the greenery and hike to waterfalls and on table mountains or take a refreshing bath in one of the numerous natural pools. Near Lençóis you will find the Morro do Pai Inácio with a wonderful 360-degree view. Especially at sunset, when the whole landscape glows in red, you will have a great spectacle. There is no better way to end the exhausting day!


In the northeast of Brazil, an almost surreal world of dunes, turquoise freshwater lagoons and dense mangroves spreads out. Here you will find endless long and untouched beaches. Here you can imagine the magical atmosphere during a sunset. A few minutes before sunset, the colors and the contrast between sand, water and sky melt together. The best place to enjoy this spectacle is on the Duna do Pôr-do-Sol (English: sunset dune) in Jericoacoara.

As you can see, there are some unique places in Brazil to experience an impressive sunset. Our favorite places are best tested by yourself during your next Brazil vacation. Check the weather and the time of sunset already at noon. Then the search for the most beautiful sunset in Brazil can begin!

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