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Jurere Internacional - A Successful Project

June 21, 2015
Beach of Jurere on the Ilha Santa Catarina

Ecologically sustainable residential area in Florianopolis

Who has not yet dreamed of spending a Brazilian vacation in the middle of beautiful nature, close to the beach and luxury? A Brazil trip to Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina combines exactly these elements. The Jurere district, which is located about 23 kilometers north of the historic center of Florianopolis, can be used optimally as a retreat or as a starting point to discover the highlights of Florianopolis.

The Jurere beach in the north captivates with its green shimmering, calm sea, and pleasant water temperature. The approximately three kilometers long beach section with its fine, white, and thin sand is ideal for a beach walk. The sailing boats and yachts of the Santa Catarina Yacht Club complete the ambiance. Many luxury hotels, such as the 4-star hotels Jurere Beach Village and Jurere IL Campanario Villaggio Resort are located directly there. Their unique location makes them the perfect vacation destination for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet, as well as for families and water sports enthusiasts who can enjoy the many beaches in Florianopolis. If you would like to see the magical island from a bird's eye view, a paragliding day trip is just the right thing for you.

Jurere is divided into two areas: Jurere Internacional and the traditional Jurere, both of which can be visited during a round trip of Brazil. The traditional and historical area is mainly inhabited by locals and there are a variety of restaurants serving local specialties. The Jurere Internacional was created in Florianopolis as a real estate development project for tourism[/b] and has a good infrastructure, consisting of parks, supermarkets, an open-air shopping center, bars, and fine restaurants. But unlike many other condominiums in Brazil, which usually represent a closed and guarded residential area, Jurere Internacional is a completely residential area directly on Jurere Beach. When building new facilities, special attention is paid to the ecological sustainability of the region. Numerous influencing factors such as biodiversity, preservation of marine vegetation, advanced water, and sewage system, and regular monitoring and measurement of sea levels are incorporated into the planning of the projects. Jurere is today considered a model for organic development projects and sustainability. The Habitasul Group created the principles for today's success more than 30 years ago when the site was first developed.

If you want to get to know ecological sustainability and different ecosystems in the largest country in South America, a rental car trip to Santa Catarina is the right choice. On the one hand, you can enjoy the numerous beaches in Florianopolis, on the other hand, you can enjoy the mountain landscape of the Serra Catarinense. It attracts visitors by its huge and extensive canyon landscape, waterfalls, grottos, and green forests. The agriculture and farms in the highlands of the region are ideal for ecotourism or to organize a group trip to Brazil with friends or family.
The island of Florianopolis is also ideal for day trips, which can be individually arranged with the help of the Brazil Travel modules according to your taste. Hikers have the possibility to take a day trip to Lagoinha do Leste in the southeast of the magical island. There, relatively secluded, a beautiful beach is hidden. Small freshwater lagoons near the beach invite you to swim in pleasant water temperatures. During the hike, one crosses the Atlantic Rainforest and along the rocky cliffs, one always has a beautiful view of the approximately one-kilometer long bay, which is located between two cliffs.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil