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Sustainable Tourism on Cocoa Plantations in Brazil

January 26, 2015
Worker on a Brazilian cocoa plantation

Sustainable travel experience in Brazil

Chocolate fans watch out! If you are looking for an authentic encounter with the local Brazilian culture and want to let traditionally produced Brazilian chocolate melt in your mouth, this is the right place for you. A trip to Brazil has more to offer than samba, carnival, and the highlights of Rio de Janeiro. On the northeast coast, you can experience the chocolate production process on-site. From the cocoa bean to the edible chocolate, the travelers during their vacation in Brazil not only learn the different methods of production but also more about the local culture and life of the locals.

Since 2011 there is a sustainability program of the BRAZTOA (Brazilian Association of Tour Operators in Tourism) in Brazil, which awards companies that show a special commitment to sustainable tourism. For this purpose, the "Premio BRAZTOA de Sustentabilidade" (BRAZTOA Prize for Sustainability) is awarded, which also includes a handbook with best practices for sustainability in corporate management.

On November 28, 2014, the cocoa plantation project, which is also included in our Bahia family trip, was awarded 2nd place. The Taboquinhas district of Itacare, the "Roca de Cacau" (cocoa plantation) is an exciting place to visit. This excursion offers a unique cultural exchange, where the visitors not only learn about the forms of cocoa cultivation but also about the daily life of the Brazilians and especially that of the family Sr. Alberto da Luz. The family shows the visitors, who are looking for an authentic encounter with locals during their Brazil vacation, their cocoa plantation in every detail. On this round trip, globetrotters learn first-hand about the cocoa harvest and the production of traditionally made chocolate. The project on the northeast coast of Brazil is also visited by the travelers on our adventure and discovery tour in Bahia. After the cocoa harvest, participants will learn how to squeeze the honey from the cocoa during this day trip and will be rewarded with the delicious juice of the fruit afterward.

Those who like to explore Brazil on their own while on vacation can also get to know this adventure along the northeast coast with a rental car trip. A unique and delicious experience! Who hasn't dreamt of making his own chocolate and then eating it with pleasure?

For centuries Itacare, located about 250 kilometers south of Salvador, developed into a center of cocoa production in the south of the state of Bahia until the plant pest Vassoura da Bruxa put an end to this flourishing period. Part of our sustainable concept is therefore to create additional value for the inhabitants of the rural areas and to increase their purchasing power, as the pest is unfortunately still a major problem for the owners of the cocoa plantations. This award is therefore not only a great honor, but also a sign that we are on the right track. The cocoa plantation project is a great help for the agricultural workers and also reduces the migration of the rural population. Besides, this experience as a cultural exchange brings many advantages for the locals and for the visitors, who on their trip to Brazil get to know a piece of culture that is closed to many mass tourists. In addition to the many highlights of Brazil, the tour of the cocoa farm is an unforgettable experience for all participants and the BRAZTOA Award is a great motivation for all participants to continue on the path of sustainability.

The cocoa plantation project has now been in business for seven years and has therefore been constantly developing. Many Brazil travelers from all over the world and even Brazilians use their vacation to get to know the project better. A visit to the cocoa plantation in Bahia is a special experience in a Brazil family vacation, especially for families planning a trip to Brazil together with their children. But also for all other vacationers of all ages who want to get to know the real-life on a Brazilian plantation from an authentic perspective, this Brazil Travel module is just right.
Which traveler would not like to return from their Brazil vacation with a specially produced chocolate? And if the chocolate doesn't make it back home, you can always fall back on Milka and Lindt.

Source: Aventura do Brasil

Source: Aventura do Brasil