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The Perfect Instagram Picture in Brazil #aventuramoment

August 22, 2022
Brazilian beaches like this are a perfect spot for an Instagram snap

You don't have to be a professional travel blogger or photographer to take great snaps on Brazil vacation. The diverse country makes it incredibly easy. Because the selection of impressive motifs is huge and they are presented to you so beautifully that you often only have to press the shutter button. Who had hoped to find here a list of the most beautiful photo spots in Brazil, we can assure: You don't need it at all. You will find beautiful places on your round trip all by itself!

#aventuramoment - What is that anyway?

For that, we need to dive into the online world of Instagram. This is a social network where users share image and short video content. Instagram is now part of Facebook, but unlike its big brother, Instagram focuses exclusively on visual content. This makes it the perfect platform for sharing the most beautiful vacation moments with friends and the world. Various content is collected and disseminated on Instagram under keywords using hashtags. So behind #aventuramoment are all your best snapshots of an exciting trip to Brazil. By the way, they don't always have to be recent pictures. If you want to rummage through photo albums and post pictures of your past Brazil trip, you can do so under the trendy hashtag #throwback.

10 tips for your best vacation pictures in Brazil

So what makes a photo an #aventuramoment and is there anything I need to keep in mind when taking pictures? The beauty of photography is that there are no rules. Often, the most beautiful pictures come about spontaneously. Nevertheless, we have a few tips to make the path to the perfect snapshot a little easier for you.

1. The right equipment

Especially in times of social media, there seem to be more and more professionals who have found their new passion in photography. Some no longer even go on trips without an SLR camera including lenses. However, as a non-professional, this is absolutely not a must. You don't have to be intimidated by the equipment and the supposed experts. Smartphone cameras can now keep up wonderfully and are always ready to hand. For adrenaline junkies, a small Gopro camera is a great way to capture exciting moments at white water kayaking, sandboarding and Co. So it doesn't always have to be the biggest camera to end up with the most beautiful vacation photo.

2. Do not leave everything to chance

It is certainly not necessary to find out about possible photo locations before the trip. Even if many travel bloggers do exactly the same. The right motif is quickly found in Brazil. However, you should also be there at the right time. This means both the right time of day for beautiful light and the right atmosphere, as well as the right travel time. Because with dark rain clouds in the background the picture looks only half as beautiful.

3. Find your own style

Do you prefer being in nature to being in crowded cities? Then this may calmly be reflected in your picture collection. Instead of taking pictures of the famous Escadaria Selarón staircase in the middle of Rio's old town like many other tourists, just stay a bit outside in the mountains. Photos with the most beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro are guaranteed. As a passionate diver, you can also discover countless diving locations in Brazil and a fascinating underwater world. If you have an underwater camera in your luggage, you will be able to take extraordinary pictures that some vacationers would be jealous of. Be guided by your own passions rather than current trends!

4. The courage to be creative

Oscar Niemeyer's unique buildings in Brasília are known all over the world and appear in countless photos. But somehow the pictures always look very similar. Instead of going to the usual tourist hotspots, just try it from a completely different angle. Go ahead and show new sides of the most famous sights, which especially people staying at home would never get to see like this. This way, your picture on social media will not resemble the many other pictures, but will have its very own charm.

5. In the middle of things instead of just being there

A quick selfie always goes. Just like the perfect picture of the imposing Iguaçu waterfalls or the colorful colonial houses in Salvador da Bahia. A vacation photo becomes particularly interesting, however, if you not only photograph the sights. But also on the culture and atmosphere in the country gets involved and this can transport on a picture. To do this, it's best to go among the locals, celebrate carnival with them or watch one of their beloved soccer games together.

6. The mixture makes it

All your posted pictures are collected in your Instagram profile, the so-called feed. And here, one thing in particular does well: variety. Because only landscape pictures would be just as boring as a collection of selfies. Change the perspectives, the backgrounds, and even the light more often. With the right camera, you can also take beautiful pictures in the evening.

7. Use appropriate hashtags and location tags

Hashtags on Instagram, for example, can describe what's in your picture: #brazilvacation #beach #caipirinha. If other users search for one of the terms, your picture will be shown to them along with other pictures tagged under that hashtag. Provided you want this and have a public profile. Before you post a new post, you also have the option to link to the relevant location. This will make it easier for your followers to find the photo location.

8. Stay attentive

You're finally standing in front of the big Statue of Christ and you can't wait to capture this moment on camera. It's not uncommon to see tourists lying on the ground for the perfect perspective. So quickly get your own camera out and go. In the euphoria, however, you should never lose sight of your personal belongings! It's best to leave your valuables with a trusted person while you concentrate entirely on taking pictures. If you are traveling as a couple and want to quickly take a picture together, you should also not carelessly hand the camera to every stranger. If you travel in a group, it is easier and you can ask fellow travelers or guides for help.

9. Inspire and be inspired

Even the most creative mind has a bad day sometimes and anyway, it doesn't hurt to get inspiration from other talented photographers. Instagram is a great way. Here, the focus is on images and you can search for content related to your areas of interest.

10. Please quite friendly

Although this is definitely related to the photo itself. After all, the picture should convey good mood and vacation feeling. However, you should not lose the smile behind the camera. If you stress yourself out on vacation and compulsively want to take the most beautiful photo, you might miss the best moments of the trip. Take a few pictures and quietly stow the camera away again to enjoy the place completely without distractions.

And now it's your turn! Do you already have your best #aventuramoment in mind? Get inspired by us and other vacationers on Instagram and share the most unforgettable moments of your Brazil trip soon!

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Source: Aventura do Brasil