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Typical Brazilian Products - Which You Should Know

June 14, 2020
Typical Brazilian product: Acai

We connect Brazil above all with the carnival, samba, and a dream vacation. Can you think of a typical Brazilian product right away? Some products are often used in everyday life, but you don't know anything about their origin. In fact, we import more Brazilian products than we think. These include iron ore, soy, coffee, meat, and crude oil. Brazil is the most important trading partner in Latin America. We will show you which typical products you should try at home or even better on-site during your Brazil trip.

Brazilian cocktail party with hangover breakfast

Those who like to mix their cocktails will be familiar with cachaça. The distillate from sugar cane juice is found also on the shelves of other countries. Especially in summer, we like to help ourselves to conjure up delicious Caipirinhas. In Brazil, cachaça is mainly produced in the regions Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, and Alagoas. Here there are many small fazendas that produce cachaça artesanal in traditional handicraft. The brands available in our shop are mostly industrially produced. One of the most popular brands in supermarkets is Pitú. The Brazilian brand has been able to establish itself in over fifty countries, making it the world market leader.

Now to the actual cocktail. The name Caipirinha comes from the Portuguese and has the meaning of country dweller or hillbilly. If you are wondering why you should try Caipirinha on vacation in Brazil, when we already know the cocktail from home, you should definitely read on. Because often ingredients and the preparation differ from the Brazilian variant. Most of us use brown sugar in most cases. This is because the cane sugar, which we can buy, is usually colored brown and coarse-grained. In Brazil, they use fine, white sugar. This has the advantage that the sugar can dissolve quickly in lime juice. Also, a good cachaça should have retained the aroma of the sugar cane, so that it does not need cane sugar as a flavor enhancer. Another difference is the ice. We put crushed ice in the glass. In Brazil, however, people prefer whole ice cubes, because they don't melt as quickly and the drink doesn't water down as quickly. The last taste difference is the sugar cane schnapps itself. The best cachaça is available in Brazil. The Brazilians do not skimp on the alcohol. Here the Caipirinha is prepared much stronger.

Caipirinha is not your thing? Then we can offer you a Batida de Côco. The name simply means "mixed drink made of coconut" and is prepared with coconut milk, sugar, and cachaça. You can buy the liqueur also industrially produced and already prepared. Batidas and tasty non-alcoholic fruit juices are available in Brazil from a wide variety of fruits and are usually prepared fresh for you. So you are welcome to try them.

Enough cocktails and alcohol. After every party, we look forward to a delicious coffee the next morning. In no other country in the world is so much coffee grown as in Brazil. The coffee farmers here say that good coffee is like a good wine. Would you drink an expensive wine as a wine spritzer? Probably not. So why dilute the coffee with milk? When you are on location, you should drink your coffee like the locals. Cafezinho is served in an espresso cup, black or with sugar. If you would like to share the Brazilian coffee experience with those at home, then you should look around for the Brazilians' favorite brand. You can buy Pilão in any Brazilian supermarket.

For all non-coffee drinkers who still need a morning pick-me-up, there is a very special hint. The soft drink Guaraná has three times as much caffeine as coffee but is much more digestible for the stomach. Besides, the effect occurs faster and lasts longer and evenly throughout the day. Sounds like a lot of chemistry to make something like this possible? But in this case, it can be done without. The Guaraná plant makes it possible. So when you're on vacation in Brazil next time, be sure to stop by the nearest kiosk and try it.

Superfoods from Brazil

Açai became a food trend last year. Whoever follows influencers on Instagram is greeted there every morning with beautifully arranged Açai Bowls. For a long time, Açai could only be bought from us in powder form. But now the berries are also available as frozen sorbet. What is still a relatively new and expensive trend is the most popular snack in Brazil and it is impossible to imagine everyday life without it. Again and again, you see people walking the streets with plastic cups and spoons. Just as we quickly buy a burger or an ice cream for the road, here you can find the dark berry mousse on every corner. A "bowl" can also be prepared with nuts, granola, or other ingredients and the açai had a much shorter way out of the rainforest into your cup. We also sell the Açai berry as a superfood because it has many healthy properties. It contains some nutrients and has an antioxidant effect. One more reason to take it. So, fresh Açai is an absolute must on every trip to Brazil.

While we're at it, let us show you two more healthy snacks. Did you know that cashews come from the northeast of Brazil? The Portuguese discovered Brazil and found lots of cashew trees there. Most of the cashews in our supermarkets come from Brazil. Next to them on the shelf is another nut that originated in Brazil. The Brazil nut is also called Brazilian Nut in English.

Brazilian Flipflop Classics

Would you have associated the famous Havaianas with Brazil? The name suggests otherwise. But maybe you also know the popular Flipflops with the Brazilian flag on the outer belt and therefore knew that it was a Brazilian brand. By the way, the flag design has been around since 1998, after it was created for the World Cup. It was well received and now the whole world wears the Brazilian sandals. By the way, the inventor of the toe sandals chose the name because, at the time the company was founded, Hawaii was considered the vacation paradise par excellence. If you are traveling in Brazil, you have no chance of escaping the flip-flops. Everybody wears them and you can buy them at every corner. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose from the greatest variety worldwide and treat yourself to a pair of practical summer flip-flops.

In the future, you will recognize some Brazilian products when you shop. Maybe you will start the day with a delicious Açai Bowl and a Cafezinho. Or even better, you can go on a trip to discover everything directly on-site during your next Brazil vacation. With Aventura do Brasil, a team of experts supports you.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil