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Sun, Wind and Sea: The 5 Best Places to Surf in Brazil

October 29, 2018
A surfer at Praia do Campeche.

Brazil is truly a sports-mad country. Of course, soccer is enthroned above all else in the land of the record world champions, but that doesn't mean that other sports aren't popular. People eager to pursue their sport are to be found everywhere. But in the truest sense of the word, sports don't only happen on land, but also in the water.

Brazil: A Surfing Nation

Presently, Brazil dominates the ranking of the international surf competition, the World Surf League (WSL), with six athletes in the top twenty. Even more impressive is the fact that three of them are placed among the top four. The leader of the ranking and star of the hour is Gabriel Medina Pinto Ferreira, who's only twenty-four years old. He's the figurehead and role model for so many surfers, who enthusiastically throw themselves into the waves along Brazil's coasts.
Also, in the United States and elsewhere there are many surfing enthusiasts and people who would like to try it. It should be said to surfer enthusiasts and travelers that Brazil has a great diversity of waves and thus offers many good opportunities for surfing as well as for trying it out. We have therefore decided to give you 5 places to try.

Ilha de Santa Catarina

The coast of the southern state of Santa Catarina makes the heart of every surfer beat faster. Santa Catarina is considered to be a kind of surfing mecca with several locations.
In Florianópolis, many locations can be found nearby. This is particularly the case on the east coast of the island, where the city is located. Beginning in the north with Praia de Moçambique, Praia da Joaquina and Praia do Campeche all beaches are located around the middle of the island and are known as excellent surf spots. This isn't only because of their constantly ideal wave qualities and 150 suitable days of surfing per year, but also because a real surf infrastructure has been built there. Praia do Campeche is often referred to as C-Bay within the scene, referring to J-Bay, the legendary surf spot in South Africa. The waves on the east coast of the island have an average length of 328 feet (100 meters) but can also reach up to 1,640 feet (500 meters). They are considered powerful, relatively even and equipped with swell.

Guarda do Embaú

Guarda do Embaú is another popular place in Santa Catarina, but it's situated on the mainland. It's only 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) south of the capital. If the wind is good, surfers can enjoy long and strong “river-mouth waves,” a term that describes a wave created by sandbanks deposited in front of river mouths.

Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro. It stretches for 7.4 miles (12 kilometers) between granite rocks and, with its turquoise to greenish water, is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the metropolis. The region is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. There are several surf schools and shops. Even if you don’t want to surf, this beach is definitely a place worth visiting.

Praia da Pipa

In the Northeast there are numerous places that are considered surf spots. One such spot is between Praia da Pipa and Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. The landscape of this region is characterized by fantastic sandy beaches, high palm trees and impressive dunes. Due to the geographical location, surfing is possible more or less year round. The most famous spots are Ponta Negra, Xoxoline, Tabatinga and Praia da Pipa. For advanced surfers, the "pointbreaks" and "reefbreaks" are a good option, when the "groundswells" roll in a long way from the North Atlantic from November to March. For beginners and less advanced surfers, there are also numerous "beachbreaks," which are less dangerous than the "reefbreaks".


A unique name for a unique place. Also for the surf scene.
Jericoacoara is the destination of many surfers, who come to Brazil. It is located along the coast more than 497 miles (800 kilometers) northwest of Natal. Jericoacoara is particularly popular with windsurfers and kite surfers. From January to June, strong winds are more likely to occur when they meet the coast along the Northeast of Brazil after a long journey from Africa. For windsurfing, it's even considered the best place in Brazil. Its waves tend to be smaller and gentler, which make it enticing for beginners, especially for surfing.

Extending almost 4,660 miles (7,500 kilometers) along the Atlantic coast with tropical temperatures and strong winds, Brazil is a real paradise for surfers. It's no coincidence that Brazilians are dominating professional surfing worldwide. This was only a small selection of well-known surf spots, which are located in three very different regions of the country. Of course there are many others. Why don't you snap a picture of them yourself during your vacation in Brazil?!

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Source: Aventura do Brasil