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World Cup Polishes up Brazil's Image

August 31, 2014
Brazilian soccer stadium

Long-term effects of the World Cup for Brazil

It's been almost eight weeks since the German national team celebrated the World Cup title at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. For the 2014 World Cup, it was hardly possible to turn on the TV or radio without zapping into a report on Brazil Travel, a coverage, stories of Brazil Vacations, or a documentary about Brazil. In the meantime, the amount of contributions has been reduced to the usual news.

Is Brazil still up to date in the minds of the rest of the world population after the World Cup, or rather: How has the people's image of the largest country in South America developed? Studies say quite clearly: positive! According to a study by the World Cup, a full 95 percent of the people who traveled to Brazil during the World Cup want to come back. A clear sign.

But what about those who did not have a plane ticket to the World Cup? Constantly seeing the beaches of Copacabana or Salvador da Bahia flickering across the screen seems to have significantly improved the view of Brazil even from your armchair at home.
Even before the World Cup, the well-known website TripAdvisor conducted a survey in which 14,000 users took part. Before the first ball contact, a full 81 percent of those surveyed said that Brazil was not an option for them as a destination for their next vacation. After the World Cup, a full 26 percent changed their minds. The Brazilian pictures had a particularly strong impact on Americans. Among this group of people, 52 percent of those surveyed showed an interest in a vacation in Brazil after the end of the FIFA World Cup. Also in other parts of the world, such as Asia or Europe, the opinion about Brazil has improved by 20-61 percent due to the World Cup. Furthermore, this opinion has been strengthened, especially among those who had already been toying with the idea of traveling to Brazil before the World Cup. 79 percent stated that they were seriously considering spending their next vacation in the land of the samba.

The culture, the attitude to life, and the sights in the South American country have most impressed the world population. The metropolises seem to have been transported particularly positively by the media. Especially Rio de Janeiro has aroused the curiosity of the users of TripAdvisor. The city on the Copacabana, which became even more famous through the World Cup, is the undisputed number one destination of choice. Sao Paulo is also very popular among the respondents. The bronze medal on the podium for travel desires goes to the northeast of Brazil, with its beautiful beaches such as Imbassai, Praia da Pipa or Praia do Forte.

It remains to be hoped for the Brazilian tourism that this trend continues and does not disappear again just as fast as the numerous reports on television. The trip will be worthwhile in any case. Whether at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, on the beach, or in the Amazon region. To experience the Latin American flair of the Brazilians is definitely more fun than watching it on the screen.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil