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Italian Flair in Southern Brazil

June 08, 2015
Typical landscape of South Brazil

Mediterranean influences in southern Brazil

The numerous natural paradises of Brazil, the colonial cities, and above all the multicultural population in the largest country in South America make a trip to Brazil a unique experience. The many similarities, but also the contrasts of the different cultures, make tourists in Brazil vacation rave about their little world. There are cold and warm regions, rich and poor neighborhoods side by side, and a unique and diverse population of African, European, Asian, and many other regional influences because Brazil is historically considered one of the classic immigration countries.

German speakers have certainly often heard of the numerous German immigrants in Brazil and some of them still speak the language. For example, the German-influenced city of Blumenau, where there is an annual Oktoberfest and also Easter festivals. During an excursion to Blumenau, you will surely find a piece of Germany. But not only numerous German emigrants but also many Italian immigrants flocked by the thousands to South America. Especially in the south of Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande de Sul, many Italian immigrants settled down. The south of Brazil is perfectly suited to be experienced and discovered on your own, for example during a rental car trip through Santa Catarina.

The Pousada Borghetto Sant'Anna, which is quiet and lonely in the middle of untouched nature very close to the city of Bento Goncalvas, is ideal for exploring the surrounding area. In Colonia de Sao Pedro, very close by, there is the hiking trail Caminho das Pedras. This trail is suitable for a romantic hike for two or a family trip in a Brazil group tour. On the Caminho das Pedras there are vineyards, wooden and stone houses that remind us of Tuscany and many culinary specialties. The city of Bento Goncalves is considered the center of Italian immigrants and also the "wine capital of Brazil". For wine lovers certainly a highlight in Brazil, during a round trip in Brazil to visit the city and taste the wine on-site. The wooden and stone houses of the city of Antonio Prado, also in Rio Grande do Sul, are considered the artistic heritage of this immigration era and the panorama enchants Brazilian tourists. City names such as Nova Roma do Sul also refer to the Italian influence.

The different ecosystems in the south of the country make a Brazil activity trip unique. In Santa Catarina, the neighboring state of Rio Grande do Sul, the mountainous landscape of Serra Catarinense attracts many visitors to the Urubici mountain region. The extensive canyon landscape with its waterfalls, grottos, and green forests enchants all visitors and vacationers who are on a Brazil trip. The farms of the high region attach great importance to ecological cultivation and sustainability and promote ecotourism to develop the region in the long term. The Serra Catarinense and the Joaquim National Park offer a breathtaking flora and fauna. Worth seeing are the Laranjas Canyon and the Pedra Furada. Adventurers can climb the highest peak in southern Brazil, the Morro da Igreja.

Those who are looking for further sports activities will certainly find what they are looking for in the Brazil travel modules or can travel to the island of Florianopolis. The natural paradise in southern Brazil offers numerous trilhas (hiking trails) through the Atlantic rainforest. One of the more than 40 beaches in Florianopolis is suitable for relaxation. The large freshwater lagoon in the middle of the island, where the district Lagao da Conceicao is formed, is ideal for a kitesurfing trip in Brazil due to its calm water and good wind conditions.

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Source: Aventura do Brasil