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Rota 174 – The Magic and Charm of the Amazon

February 13, 2023
Discover the magic of the Amazon in Brazil on the Rota 174

The 683.5-miles stretch called Rota 174 in the north of the country offers beautiful landscapes with a mixture of savannahs and Amazon forest, caves and grottos. In addition, the Rota 174 offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in Brazilian culture. The diversity of fauna and flora at the destinations along the Rota 174 is impressive. So, if you want to experience a special route on your Brazil trip that captures the magic and charm of the Amazon, be sure to discover the Rota 174 for yourself!

Natural Spectacle

The route, which runs from Manaus to the border with Venezuela in the municipality of Paraitepuy, is an excellent way to experience the magic and fascination of the Amazon at its best. Along the 683.5-miles route, they can explore caves, rapids, mountains, and waterfalls. The activities offered along Rota 174 have to do with ecotourism, as there is the possibility of hiking on trails, descending rapids, and swimming in the famous waterfalls of Presidente Figueiredo, a municipality in the Manaus region.

The biodiversity of the northern region

The diversity of fauna and flora of the places through which Rota 174 passes is impressive. Whether it is the numerous buriti groves, the many birds that can be observed, or the Cerrado vegetation in the southern Roraima, it is a pleasure to be surprised by the rich nature of the region. The Amazon is our planet's Garden of Eden, where you will find a dazzling variety of fascinating, bizarre and even deadly animals. Scientists estimate that there are a total of 2,000 species of birds and mammals, more than 2,000 species of fish, over 400 amphibians, and almost as many reptiles. Many of these species can also be seen on Rota 174, beautifully capturing the magic and charm of the Amazon. If you are interested in wildlife viewing, you can't pick a better place to visit!

Cultural Influences

After traveling through the deep jungle, it's time to head to the cities to enjoy caboclo gastronomy dishes prepared with local ingredients, baskets and products made with local crafts. This is a very personal way to experience Brazilian culture and observe the integration of indigenous and caboclo cultures, whether in gastronomy, crafts, or community experiences. Don't miss the history and charm of this cultural fusion!

Insider tips

In Roraima, on Rota 174, there are two little-known national parks, Viruá and Serra da Mocidade. Both protected areas are located in Caracaraí and offer the opportunity to observe the rich wildlife of the region. These are real insider tips and should be considered by you if you want to experience something unknown and new.
Another natural attraction in Roraima that should be on your itinerary is the Serra do Tepequém in Amajari. On the way there, the savannah and streams, reminiscent of the Pantanal, gradually merge into the jungle. For exotic and magical moments, these stops are highly recommended.

The Highlight

At the end of the route, already at the border with Venezuela, appears one of the most important postcard motifs of the northern region: Mount Roraima. The largest flat mountain in the world, 56 miles long at the summit and 9,219 feet high, impresses even from a distance.
Although the Rota 174 does not climb the mountain - the expedition requires absolute physical fitness and takes at least seven days - it can be admired from the community of Paraitepuy in the neighboring country. From there you can not only take good photos, but also get an idea of its size.

The way is the goal

In a country full of well-known natural beauties, there are still some landscapes that are little explored and deserve your attention. Through Rota 174, which connects the states of Amazonas and Roraima, you can experience some of the most interesting and magical places of the Amazon. So, if you want to experience the magic and charm of the Amazon directly, you should travel the Rota 174 on your Brazil vacation. Absolutely!

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Source: Aventura do Brasil