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Surfer’s Paradise Brazil – The Best Surf Spots

December 13, 2021
Brazil is a surfer's paradise

Anyone who has ever stood on a surfboard knows the feeling – fleeting seconds of pure joie de vivre, freedom, and energy surge through the veins. It is clear that the relaxed Brazilians do not miss this magic moment. The total of about 4,660 miles (7,500 kilometers) of coastline offer numerous good opportunities for surfing and a great diversity of waves.

You can also take an introductory lesson on your Brazil trip all year round, as surfing in Brazil is possible at different times of the year and for all levels. The most constant surfing conditions are from May to September. The Brazilian winter brings a strong, consistent south swell with pleasant temperatures. For beginners, however, the months from December to March are recommended. The waves are smaller during this time and there are fewer rainy days, so that non-surfers traveling with you can also enjoy their vacation on the beach.

In general, the waves on the northwest coast of the country are usually a bit smaller than those on the southwest coast and you can surf 50 to 70 percent of all days of the year, depending on the region. We present to you the best surf spots in Brazil, which offer the visitor not only great waves, but also culinary delights and pure culture!

Barra da Tijuca and Grumari in Rio

Barra da Tijuca is the longest and cleanest beach in Rio de Janeiro. The clear, green water attracts surfers and beach vacationers from all over the world. A cab ride from Copacabana to the beach takes only 20 minutes and there are numerous surf schools on site offering inexpensive lessons. It is recommended to come during the week, because on weekends and during vacations it can get very crowded here. A visit is still worthwhile due to the constant conditions, which is why the spot is especially good for beginners to start their first attempts at surfing.

Further west from Rio's city center is the surf spot Grumari. Despite the distance from the center, the spot is very popular. Here, surfers find themselves in front of a beautiful natural backdrop and look at forested hills without buildings. Moreover, the wide open beach is a real swell magnet. If all the other spots in the area are flat, it's worth paying a flying visit to Grumari. However, when the swells are distinctively southwest, the mighty beach breaks are more for surfing pros.

Praia do Madeiro – The most impressive surf spot of Pipa

Pipa is for many one of the most charming surf and beach resorts in Brazil. Not far from Natal, you can meet an uninhibited surf culture here that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The coastal landscape impresses with fascinating cliffs and deep green vegetation in front of brilliant white beach bays. In addition, there is a good dose of authentic music culture and exuberant dance nights for all ages.

And as if that wasn't great enough, a number of unique surf spots await the visitor in Pipa. Besides two other surf bays, Praia do Madeiro is the most spectacular spot. Because, while waiting for the perfect wave, dolphins keep appearing around the surfers and, on some days, even sea turtles. So, if you want to meet the droll sea creatures that are having fun with you in the waves, you should definitely plan a surf session at Praia do Madeiro!

Surfing on the Cocoa Coast in Bahia

Especially the lively surfer town Itacaré, in the south of the state of Bahia, is the absolute king in terms of surf culture in the tropical northeast of Brazil. Characterized by the Afro-Brazilian culture and the cheerful Brazilian way of life, you will find a colorful mix of immigrants, locals, surfers, and bagpackers from all over the world. The "hang loose" atmosphere of the dreamy beach town is clearly visible. Thus, everyday clothing consists of havaianas, board shorts, and surf bikini, and t-shirts are considered superfluous.

About 7.8 miles (12.6 kilometers) south of the city lies Praia da Engenhoca. This beach bay framed by the Atlantic Rainforest is a perfect spot especially for surfing beginners. Due to the wind-protected location and the flat rising ground, the wave shape is exactly what beginners to surfing want: soft, round, and predictable. Alone the hike through the tropical rainforest to the surf spot is an experience in itself. The path leads along a trail criss-crossed with tree roots and is accompanied by a tropical soundscape of buzzing cicadas and exotic bird calls. Once you reach your destination, you will be rewarded by a bright white sandy beach lined with coconut palms. Surfing is twice as much fun here!

Florianópolis – The mecca of surfing

If you love surfing, but also want to experience the legendary Brazilian nightlife, Florianópolis is the place to be. In the capital of Santa Catarina, surfers of every skill level will be happy. Due to a long surfing tradition, there are many like-minded people, surf schools, and surf stores here. Be it Praia do Campeche, Praia Joaquina, or Praia de Moçambique, the beaches of the island offer a consistently good wave quality and about 150 surfable days a year. The waves of the east coast of the island can reach up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) and are powerful and steady. With a little luck you will even encounter some penguins in the line-up!

As you can see, the coast of Brazil offers perfect conditions for surfing paired with a colorful culture, apart from dream beaches and unique nature. Let yourself be convinced of the surfer's paradise on your next Brazilian vacation!

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