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Brazil Travel Packages: Itacare

Dream beaches, tropical rainforests, waterfalls, plenty of opportunities for adventure and sports activities, that's Itacare. This small coastal town, with 28,000 inhabitants in the Northeastern state of Bahia, is located just under 155 miles (250 kilometers) south of Salvador, the state’s capital. The region was already inhabited by natives of the Tupi tribe before the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century. The name comes from the indigenous Tupi words "itá" and "iakaré," which mean rock and crocodile, respectively. For a long time, the region based itself on the cultivation of cocoa with small plantations in the hinterland. Since the decline of cocoa production due to a fungal infestation, the town has mainly relied on tourism. Given its location in the middle of the rainforest, the palm tree beaches and the good wave conditions initially attracted surfers and made Itacare famous worldwide for water sports. The region around Itacare was declared a nature reserve as early as 1933, so the growth of the city was already geared towards the development of eco-tourism. It was not until the end of the 1990s that Itacare was connected to the national road network and is now easily accessible by land from both north and south. Today, the various beaches attract visitors from all over the world. Nearby is Praia da Concha, where typical Bahian dishes are served in small beach restaurants and the calm waters offer nice opportunities for families with children. Within walking distance from the center of the village, Resende and Tiririca beaches lie in small bays, which are especially popular among surfers. On an excursion or a tour in the south with your own rental car you can reach Jeribucacu, Engenhoca, Havaizinho, Gamboa and Itacarezinho beaches. These do not have access directly from the road, but are connected to the road by small hiking trails through the Atlantic Rainforest and promise lonely landscapes under palm trees. Around Itacare there are also some waterfalls to visit, and for those who want more adventure, Taboquinhas offers excellent conditions for white water rafting in Rio de Contas. You can also do stand-up paddling or kayaking and visit a nearby cocoa farm run by local farmers. After a day at the beach or an excursion to the many natural attractions of the region, Itacare also offers some options after hours. Along the main street, Rua da Pitaba, and the shoreline there are many restaurants and bars where live music is played, inviting you to dance. In smaller venues, visitors can hear Samba or watch a round of Capoeira. This former fishing village has kept its own charm despite the growing number of tourists and increasing focus on sustainable tourism for both young and old.

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9 Days of Culture, Beach, and Nature
Brazil | Salvador, Cachoeira, Itacare, Ilheus

On this nine-day journey of self-discovery you will experience the state of Bahia in its most varied forms. In a rental car you will travel along the Cocoa and Dende coast from Salvador to Itacare. On the way you will discover paradise-like beaches, colonial towns, mangroves, and the Atlantic Rainforest. Active travelers in particular will get their money's worth with various outdoor activities during this tour. Bahia is considered the cultural center of Brazil and impresses all with its Afro-Brazilian traditions in gastronomy and music.