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Brazil travel: Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is located approximately 350 kilometres from Fortaleza, in the centre of a widely extended dune area whose shifting dunes extend 20 km far inland. Also reachable is "Jeri"  only by boat or by four-wheeled vehicles. The clear freshwater lakes in the dunes offer a unique spectacle of nature on your trip to Brazil. 320 days of sunshine per year pamper residents and visitors. A good network of small hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes are also available. The calm crystal clear ocean completes the paradise island. The "Duna do Por do Sol" (Dune of the sunset) is located near the village and offers a great panoramic view. Relax with long walks, yoga or massage treatments. Also popular are excursions by buggy. Jericoacoara was appointed in 2002 to a national park, to stop the destruction of its unique nature. Only 20 years ago Jeri was a small, simple fishing village. Many of the houses are built of wood and surrounded by tropical plants. Roads are unpaved and are just sand. The national park has no street lights so that at nightfall, only the stars light up the beautiful village. The climate is tropical with the highest average daily temperature of 30 to 33 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 28 degrees on average. The constant winds that blow from July and December make Jeri a popular destination for surfers, kitesurfers and sailors. The rainy season falls between the months of February to May.

Brazil Map Jericoacoara

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