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Brazil travel: Alta Floresta

Alta Floresta, a city in the northern part of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. It has approximately 47.000 inhabitants and was established in 1976. Besides Belem and Manaus, it is one of the most important destinations for tourism in the Amazon region. The town is isolated about 830 kilometers from Cuiaba, the capital of the state. On your trip to Brazil, discover the Colonial project found in Alta Floresta. Through the gold rush in the eighties, the place was exploited and suffered a major setback in the development after the price for gold dropped. Nowadays, the tourism is constantly developing and you can expect to find a good infrastructure with beautiful lodges. The unique location in the south of the Amazon, in the middle of the tropical rainforest, opens up an unforgettable travel experience for visitors. You are, quite literally, put straight into the middle of the jungle. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to marvel at the exotic wildlife with countless species of birds, mammals, butterflies and reptiles. Additionally, soak up all the flora with diverse species of trees and flowers in all its glory. Shops and restaurants can not be found in Alta Floresta, but in the nearby towns of Mato Grosso. Due to its location on the Equator there is a tropical, humid and hot climate. The temperatures do not vary throughout the year and remain at 32 to 34 degrees during the day, and 20 degrees at night. The dry season lasts from May to September. October to April are the rainiest months.

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Brazil Alta Floresta

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil's inland - more precisely Alta Floresta, a city in the Amazon Rainforest. Here you can experience nature and the unique tropical rainforest up close. Cristalino Jungle Lodge offers a luxurious ambiance with close connection to nature. The lodge is ideal for all travelers who want to immerge in the tropical vegetation without sacrificing comfort.