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Brazil travel: Chapada dos Veadeiros

The National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros is located in the state of Goias. It was established in 1961 and covers an area of 66.000 hectares. Numerous mountains with natural pools and wide valleys can be found here. All attractions are located on one of the two trails of Chapada dos Veadeiros, each six kilometers long. The first trail takes you to the canyon and the fantastic waterfall “Cachoeira das Cariocas”. The second path goes along the Rio Preto reaching two ‘Cachoeiras’. They are very close in proximity and the water falls between 80 and 120 meters in the depth. The observation deck of the waterfalls offer a great panoramic view over the park and the whole region. The landscape is dominated by the Buriti palm. You will pass both savanna-like and forest surrounded areas on the trek. The variety of plants ranges from various species of orchids to typical Brazilian pepper trees. Please note that you can only do one hike a day, with a local guide in the national park. If you want to experience the Chapada dos Veadeiros in the most profound and authentic way possible, you should plan to stay at least two days, in order to do everything. The climate is tropical and semi- humid with about 4 to 5 months of dry season. The dry phase, from May to September is also the best time to visit. The temperatures reach a maximum of 29 degrees in September and minimal temperatures around 13 degrees in July. 

Brazil Map Chapada dos Veadeiros

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