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Brazil travel: Fernando de Noronha

A paradise of rare beauty, the Brazilian islands of Fernando de Noronha. Deserted beaches, clear water and plenty of hiking trails make this beautiful place a must-visit during your trip to Brazil. The archipelago, of volcanic origin, lies approximately 350 kilometres from the mainland. It was named after the Portuguese merchant Fernao de Loronha, who was once given the islands by the King of Portugal.  The National Marine Park, established in 1988 was named the same and spans around 112,7 square-kilometres. Fishing, collecting shells, corals or animals, camping and lighting fires are forbidden in this area. We recommend paying a visit to the beach Praia do Sancho, which is one of the best in Brazil. Fernando de Noronha is mainly known by surfers and divers. Through the rigorous environmental work, the fascinating underwater world has very much remained intact and is habitat to corals, shellfish and colourful fishes. Also to be seen around the waters are numerous dolphins. To get an overview of all the beaches, we recommend taking a boat tour. Additionally,  a visit to the TAMAR project, which protects and saves sea turtles is a great activity for the day. Be sure to attempt climbing the “Morro do Pico” mountain, where the iron stairs lead you 300 meters to the top. From up there you have an incredible panoramic view of all the islands. Fernando de Noronha has a year-round tropical and hot climate. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. From March to August, you can expect more rainfall.

Brazil Map Fernando de Noronha

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