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Brazil travel: Nova Friburgo

Nova Friburgo is located about 130 kilometres northeast of Rio de Janeiro and has around 182.000 inhabitants. The cooler mountain air of the Organ Mountains and the green landscapes create a perfect balance to the fiery and vibrant city of Rio. Major attractions include the renewed funicular, which transports more than 120.000 people a year. The Tres Picos National Park, which is located 40 kilometres away from Nova Friburgo and, due to its lush vegetation and impressive waterfalls, is definitely worth a visit. You should also check out the “Jardim do Nego” renowned for its huge sculptures and paintings. The mountains provide ideal conditions for mountaineering, trekking and paragliding. Nova Friburgo is known in Brazil particularly for its textile industry. It was founded by Swiss emigrants, whose cultural influence is still very much omnipresent. Additionally, the area has also established itself in a culinary way. Homemade specialties such as cheese, jams, jellies and sweets are very popular. Nova Friburgo has a tropical altitude climate. The summer months of December to March are rainy and reach a warm 25 degrees. The dry winter months from June to August can sometimes be cold. The temperature then drops to an average low of 8 degrees and in the higher regions, it may even snow. The average annual temperature is 16 degrees.

Brazil Map Nova Friburgo

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