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Brazil Travel Packages: Recife

Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, has about 1.6 million inhabitants and is the most important port city in the Northeast of Brazil. Because of its numerous bridges, the city is often called the Venice of the Northeast. Recife is a metropolis that combines modern high-rise buildings with buildings from the colonial era. Here, lovers of architecture and culture alike get their money's worth. Numerous folklore groups and samba schools, after sunset on the Patio de Sao Pedro, show what real Brazilian flair means. Carnival celebrations here are among the biggest in the country and of great significance to the people. Apart from countless churches and some museums, Recife is especially known for its festivities. Another important sight is the Casa da Cultura, a former prison, which today houses around 150 artisan businesses. The Museu do Acucar describes both the history and the production of sugar, which plays an important role in the whole region. The city’s oldtown is also worth seeing. Admirers of sacral art should, in any case, have a closer look at some of the 62 churches. In Recife, there are very warm to hot temperatures throughout the year. As there are sharks on the city beaches, we recommend Porto de Galinhas as a beach destination, which is approximately 40 miles (60 kilometers) away.

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Below you will find our travel packages for Recife:

10 Days of Culture, Nature, and Beaches
Brazil | Recife, Porto de Galinhas, Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Maceio, Penedo, Aracaju, Imbassai, Salvador

On this self drive tour through the Northeast of Brazil you will explore the unique coastal section from Recife to Salvador. Bask by picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters, panoramic landscapes, and colonial flair and discover the diverse surroundings and the unique Brazilian way of life on your own.

3 Days of Culture and History
Brazil | Recife, Olinda

The wonderful colonial combination of Olinda and Recife is the perfect gateway to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago – a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Olinda, also a UNESCO Heritage site, offers its visitors colorful historic houses and centuries-old baroque churches and monasteries. Recife is named after the reefs on its beautiful Boa Viagem beach, while the city also offers impressive contrasts between old and new architecture. Your accommodation will be the charming and comfortable Pousada dos Quatro Cantos in Olinda.