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Climate and Best Time to Visit Ilha do Mel, Brazil

To help you plan your trip to Ilha do Mel, we have compiled below some important information about the regional climate and ideal times to travel.
Ilha do Mel and the state of Parana are located in the southern hemisphere, just like most regions of Brazil. Therefore, the seasons of the year are contrary to those we are used to in Central Europe. Winter lasts from June to August while summer lasts from December to February. The climate is subtropical with warm to hot temperatures.
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Summer (December to February) in Ilha do Mel offers very warm weather with considerable rain. Daily high temperatures average between 26 °C and 29 °C (79 °F to 84 °F). Occasionally there are also a few cooler days, with average daily lows of 19 °C to 21 °C (66 °F to 70 °F). The summer months are also the wettest months of the year with around 200 mm to 320 mm (7.9 in to 12.6 in) of rain per month.
In the fall (March to May) the weather stays warm with temperatures fluctuating between 15 °C and 28 °C (59 °F to 82 °F). The amount of precipitation decreases during this time and averages at 140 mm to 290 mm (5.5 in to 11.4 in).
Winter (June to August) is cool to cold and dry. On average there is only 80 mm to 110 mm (3.1 in to 4.3 in) of rain per month. Temperatures vary between 13 °C and 22 °C (55 °F to 72 °F). The days are mostly sunny and clear, while it can get colder at night.
The weather in the spring is already a bit warmer, but there are still cool days and temperatures vary between 14 °C and 23 °C (57 °F to 73 °F). The average rainfall during these months is 130 mm to 180 mm (5.1 in to 7.1 in) per month.
Water temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean around Ilha do Mel are pleasantly warm at 22 °C to 27 °C (72 °F to 81 °F) most of the year. Only in the winter months can they sometimes drop to about 19 °C to 21 °C (66 °F to 70 °F).

Climate diagram of Ilha do Mel, Brazil

Best Time to Visit Ilha do Mel

The best time for a vacation in Ilha do Mel is from November to April. Usually travelers are seeking a beach getaway or more intimacy with nature through outdoor activities such as hiking or water sports. In the summer and fall temperatures are warm to hot, and water temperatures are very pleasant. These months would be best suited for enjoying the sun in the woods or on the beach.
However, these months are also the rainiest time of the year. Therefore, think about a rain jacket and maybe some warm clothes, especially since it can sometimes get a little cooler at night in the fall.
During the summer months, from December to February, you should book your accommodation well in advance, as the island is a very popular destination for Brazilians during their vacations and time off from work. Accommodations are usually more expensive and harder to come by.
If you don't mind the slightly lower temperatures and are not primarily planning a beach getaway, you can also make an exciting trip to Ilha do Mel during the drier winter and spring months.

9 Day Individual Tour by Bus, Train, and Boat
Brazil | Sao Paulo, Foz do Iguacu, Curitiba, Ilha do Mel

A trip to Brazil could hardly be more varied. Experience the pulsating international metropolis of Sao Paulo, the impressive waterfalls in Foz do Iguacu, the beautiful city of Curitiba, a train ride through the dense Atlantic Rainforest, and the romantic and untouched beauty of Ilha do Mel (Honey Island). This 9-day journey by land will take travelers through the South of Brazil and combine some of the country's main attractions with unique natural experiences and deep insight into Brazilian culture.

4 Days of Nature, Leisure, and Beaches
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Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is located approximately 71 miles (115 kilometers) from Curitiba and is by far the most beautiful place the coast of this area has to offer. The island is ideal for nature lovers and hikers. As 90% of the land is within a preservation area, Ilha do Mel is a great place to wander through unspoiled nature and enjoy gorgeous beaches. The island is free of cars, which means you need to walk, rent a bike, or take a taxi boat to get around.