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Climate and best time to visit Blumenau, Brazil

For optimal itinerary planning of your trip to Blumenau, we have summarized below some information about the regional climate and ideal times to travel.
Blumenau is located in the southern state of Santa Catarina and is therefore in the southern hemisphere. Because of this, the seasons are opposite of those we know in Europe. The Brazilian winter is from June to August and summer lasts from December to February. Due to the subtropical climate, the seasons are not as pronounced as in Central Europe; however, it can get quite cold in the winter.
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During your trip to Blumenau you can expect hot and humid weather in the summer. Daytime high temperatures average between 31 °C and 32 °C (88 °F to 90 °F) and the lowest temperatures are between 21 °C and 23 °C (70 °F to 73 °F). Rainfall registers at 150 mm to 200 mm (5.9 in to 7.9 in) per month.
In the fall (March to May) you can enjoy warm weather with average rainfall during your vacation. During these months there is an average of between 100 mm and 160 mm (3.9 in to 6.3 in) of rain per month. With daily high temperatures averaging between 26 °C and 31 °C (79 °F to 88 °F), you can enjoy sunny weather on your trip. Even on slightly cooler days it stays warm at 16 °C to 22 °C (61 °F to 72 °F). Only at night can it cool down a bit more. In the dry winter there is an average of 90 mm to 110 mm (3.5 in to 4.3 in) of rain per month. Temperatures vary from 14 °C to 25 °C (57 °F to 77 °F). During the day, you can usually experience sunny, clear weather; occasionally, however, especially at night, temperatures can drop below 10 °C (50 °F). Spring (September to November) in Blumenau is, similar to fall, warm during the day with high temperatures of 25 °C to 29 °C (77 °F to 84 °F). The average low temperatures are 17 °C to 20 °C (63 °F to 68 °F), so you should at least have a thin jacket with you. During the spring months, the average rainfall is 120 mm to 150mm (4.7 in to 5.9 in) per month.

Climate diagram of Blumenau, Brazil

Best Time to Visit Blumenau

Blumenau is generally an attractive destination in Brazil year round. To identify the best time to travel, consider the following tips:

Summer is usually very hot and brings a lot of rain. This hot and humid weather may not be ideal for sightseeing, depending on your personal preferences.