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Climate and Best Time to Visit South Pantanal, Brazil

To help you plan your trip to the South Pantanal, we have compiled below some important information about the regional climate and ideal times to travel.
The South Pantanal, like most regions of Brazil, is located in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the seasons are the opposite of those we are used to in Central Europe. Summer lasts from December to February and winter from June to August. Due to the subtropical climate, however, the weather remains warm to hot year round.
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In the hot and humid summer, daily high temperatures are between 29 °C and 30 °C (84 °F to 86 °F) and low temperatures average around 19 °C to 20 °C (66 °F to 68 °F). During the summer from December to February, it rains a lot with average precipitation around 180 mm to 240 mm (7.1 in to 9.4 in) per month.
Fall, from March to May, brings warm to hot weather with average rainfall in the South Pantanal. Daily high temperatures remain upwards of 27 °C to 30 °C (81 °F to 86 °F). From time to time it can get a little cooler with low temperatures of 15 °C to 18 °C (59 °F to 64 °F). There is an average of 90 mm to 160 mm (3.5 in to 6.3 in) of rain per month.
Winter is dry and warm with average rainfall of only 30 mm to 50 mm (1.2 in to 2 in) per month. Usually the days in the winter, spanning from June to August, are warm with daily high temperatures of 26 °C to 28 °C (79 °F to 82 °F). Occasionally it can cool down a little, especially at night. Daily low temperatures are at a modest 13 °C to 15 °C (55 °F to 59 °F).
In the spring, from September to November, the weather in the South Pantanal is also warm to hot with average rainfall. During this time, temperatures vary between 17 °C and 30 °C (63 °F to 86 °F). Frequent rain showers can occur with averages of 60 mm to 160 mm (2.4 in to 6.3 in) of precipitation per month.

Climate diagram of South Pantanal, Brazil

Best Time to Visit South Pantanal

In general, the South Pantanal is an interesting year-round destination to discover the rich flora and fauna. The small town Bonito is a perfect spot for all kind of outdoor activities.
The best time to visit depends on your vacation preferences. In order to identify that time, please heed the following:
During the rainy season there are often heavy showers. As a result, it can be difficult to travel to some regions as the roads are sometimes flooded and not easily passable. It is also more difficult to spot animals during this time.

Travel Package
Brazil | South Pantanal

Pousada Aguape is located in the middle of the unique landscape of the southern Pantanal. The accommodation is a typical farm, the fazenda has been family-owned for over 150 years and now also accommodates tourists in addition to the traditional cattle breeding. On various excursions and safari tours by boat, horse or on foot, travelers can experience the unique nature of the Pantanal.

6 Days of Nature, Wildlife Observation, and Snorkeling
Brazil | Campo Grande, South Pantanal, Bonito

This trip will take you to the natural paradise of the South Pantanal. You will also get to know the unique nature and crystal clear rivers near Bonito. The Pantanal is a vast area of wetlands and one of the largest nature reserves in the world. In the dry season, from June to October, you can explore the whole variety of the incomparable animal world and in the rainy season, from December to March, the beautiful flora reaches its peak. Let the fascinating biodiversity of the Pantanal enchant you!

4 to 5 Days of Luxury, Nature, and Wildlife Observation
Brazil | South Pantanal

On this trip to the South Pantanal you will visit the Caiman Ecological Refuge, which is part of the largest wetlands in the world. This area is a nature reserve full of many different species, offering impressive flora and fauna as well as numerous rivers and freshwater lakes. To discover this natural paradise, you will be staying in the magnificent Caiman Lodge which offers a luxurious ambiance. On various excursions you will have the opportunity to explore this unique environment and to observe different kinds of animals such as caimans, monkeys, anteaters, and tapirs.

4 Days of Adventure, Nature, and Snorkeling
Brazil | Bonito

During this 4-day trip to Bonito you will experience this natural paradise at its finest. You will snorkel in crystal clear rivers embedded into a wonderful landscape, visit a subterranean blue lagoon inside a cave, and go on a nature hike to observe the beautiful red macaw. Through the whole trip you will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide who is specialized in this area of Brazil.